0115 Area Code

How does somebody tell by just looking at the number from where the caller belongs? Did you get a call from any 0115 phone number and wondering who is calling you?

Here’s a trick. Look at the area code!

Area codes give you a clue and make it easier to identify the telephone number of a specific geographic area. 

Part 1: Where Is the 0115 Area Code? 

The area code is used by the callers outside the Nottingham area whenever they wish to call a resident of Nottingham or the surrounding counties. The 0115 area code is applicable to the surrounding counties of Nottingham:

    • Gedling
    • Burton 
    • Lowdham 
    • Sandiacre 
    • Hucknall 
    • Arnold 
    • Sherwood 
    • Kimberly 
    • Wollaton 
    • Ruddington 
    • Gotham
    • Bulwell 
    • Stapleford 
    • Edwalton 
    • Basford
  • Plumtree 

The history of the British landline telephone converged in 1995 on the ‘Telephone Day’. A digit ‘1’ was added to all the area codes of the UK. This changed the area code of Nottingham from ‘015’ to ‘0115’.

Part 2: Dialling 0115 Area Code Within the UK 

Any UK resident can call a number of Nottingham by placing the area code as the prefix. If you are living in a city other than Nottingham, simply add the 0115 prefixes and put the number as follows i.e (0115) XXX XXXX on the dial pad. 

On the other hand, there is no need to use the area code if you are calling from a Nottingham phone number. You can call the XXX XXXX number directly if you are living in Nottingham city or nearby. 

Part 3: Dialling 0115 Area Code Outside of the UK 

You need to tweak the format of the desired Nottingham phone number if you are dialing it from an area outside of the UK. Here is what you need to do:

  • Enter the international access code i.e. ‘00’ or ‘+’.
  • Type in the country code for the UK i.e. 44.
  • Truncate the zero from the area code i.e. 115.
  • Now, enter the seven-digit number of the Nottingham so the number on your dial pad would look like +44 115 XXX XXXX or 00 44 115  XXX XXXX. 

Part 4: Cost of Calling to 0115 Numbers 

The 0115 numbers have pretty nominal rates for a local call.

You can call to the desired number for 10 – 12 pence per minute if you are calling on mornings or weekdays. The rate decreases down to 5 -10 pence per minute if you are calling in the evening or on the weekends. 

The charges increase to 30 – 50 pence per minute if you are calling from a mobile phone. Note that these rates vary for different service providers and the available call packages. 


The area code 0115 belongs to the Nottingham county of the UK and its surrounding areas. In this article, you learned about the formats while calling 0115 numbers and the estimated price range.

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