01172 Area Code

Did you just receive a call from the 01172 area code? You must be wondering who just called you, from where the call was, should you answer it or not. 

This article will provide answers to all your doubts and also teach you how to make calls to such code numbers. 

Part 1: Where Is the 01172 Area Code?

In Bristol, the 01172 area code used for telecom purposes. The local Bristol phone numbers made up of the 3 digit area code and 7 digits. 

However, the whole of 01172 is not the area code. It is 0117 and the 2, in the end, is a part of the local number. The numbers starting from 0117 are all Bristol area code so 01172, 01173, 01174, 01175, and so on are all Bristol code

The 0117 area code is used in Bristol and the following surrounding areas: 

  • Bitton
  • Redcliffe
  • Henbury
  • Easton
  • Fishponds
  • Filton
  • Downend
  • Bishopsworth
  • Patchway
  • Keynsham
  • Avonmouth
  • Eastville
  • Westbury-on-Trym
  • Stoke Bishop
  • Filton
  • Kingswood

Bristol dialing code was a part of the PhONEday event and among the few areas that use the 11x pattern followed by a 7 digits number. Before the event, the code was 0272. The new number 0117 allotted to Bristol in the event. In 2007, 2XXX XXXX range of numbers introduced to meet the demand of new subscribers of Bristol. 

Part 2: Dialling 01172 Area Code in the UK

If you are calling someone in Bristol within the area code, there is no need to use the area code. Simply dial the 7 digits local number 2XX XXXX. 

While most of the 0117 numbers are just landline numbers, some businesses also operate these numbers from outside of Bristol. They do so to tap new regional marketing or sales opportunities by establishing a local presence. 

The area code for Bristol should necessarily be used while calling from outside of the local area. It is crucial to use the right dialing code to get your phone connected. Add the 0117 area code followed by the usual number of the person/business you are calling. 

The final format should look like 0117 2XX XXXX.

Part 3: Dialling 01172 Area Code Outside of the UK

Calling from outside of the Bristol dialing code is very much possible with the right dial-in numbers. To make the Bristol telephone number an international number, you need to dial the international prefix and then area code followed by the usual local number. Follow the steps: 

  • Dial the international prefix of your country (typically 00, 0011, 011) 
  • Now, enter the dialing code of the UK (+44)
  • Skip the initial zero and enter the remaining Bristol area code (117) 
  • Next, dial the usual phone number XXX XXXX of the person you are calling
  • The final international dialing number format of Bristol will be 011 44 117 XXX XXXX. 

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling 01172 Numbers?

The telephone codes for Bristol are rated the same as other local dialing codes used across the UK. While calling from the landline network, the charges applied are up to 10 p per minute and for mobile users, it is between 10p and 40p per minute. 

Moreover, there are several factors such as network provider or call timings which influence the rates. So, if you wish to know the exact charges of your call, contact your operator. 


Now that you know everything about the 01172 area code, you won’t feel hesitant while calling or answering the calls. Moreover, not only businesses but also residents in Bristol also opt for these numbers. 

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