01224 Area Code

Being the UK’s capital for industry, particularly for gas and oil, Aberdeen has a huge market potential to break into. So, a local 01224 Aberdeen dialing code will allow your company to increase its reach without physically moving your location. 

This dialing code will help you to expand your marketing and advertising horizons in the local area. This number can provide you with the new leads in Aberdeen. Your company doesn’t necessarily need to be in Aberdeen but it will appear to be based there. 

Sounds interesting! Let’s learn more about 01224 area code

Part 1: Where Is the 01224 Area Code?

A 4 digit geographically placed phone area code used in telecommunications for that particular area is 01224 dialing code. The local telephone numbers are composed of 6 numbers as an additional local number that needs to be dialed along with the code. 

The 01224 dialing code works for the cities of Aberdeen, Kincardineshire, and Aberdeenshire in the UK.

This happened when OFCOM (Office of Communication) recognized the need to supply the stock of phone numbers in the UK. It resulted in a considerable amount of new phone numbers. 

The 01224 Aberdeen dialing code is available for the following locations: 

  • Aberdeen
  • Culter
  • Kingswells
  • Kinellar
  • Ashgrove
  • Bieldside
  • Lochnagar
  • Denburn
  • Dyce
  • Balgownie
  • Bucksburn
  • Portlethen
  • Kincorth

Before October 2014, it was possible to call local Aberdeen telephone numbers without using the 01224 code but now this is no longer the case. You certainly need to dial the whole 11 digit number to call 

However, there are chances that in future the supply of the Aberdeen area code will be exhausted. What then? Will another prefix be added to the 01224 dialing code? Whatever happens, it will certainly impact the businesses in Aberdeen. 

Part 2: Dialing 01224 Area Code from the UK

01224 area code is used by both homes and businesses. When you are calling within the UK, you need to dial the Aberdeen area code i.e. 01224, and then the dialing number. Your number will then look: 01224 XXX XXX. 

However, some businesses might be using these geographical numbers without actually being present in that area. So, you can have a virtual office in Aberdeen or any of the above-mentioned areas with the Aberdeen area code. 

This is a popular method to target and communicate with local customers. Moreover, the majority of the number from these dialing codes will be from offices and some from homes, it isn’t always the case. 

Part 3: Dialing 01224 Area Code from Abroad

It is possible to call Aberdeen’s phone numbers from outside of the UK but you need to change the standard 01224 prefixes. You shall replace the zero with the international dial-in code i.e. +44 for the UK. 

This will then become +441224 and add the remaining phone number you used to dial. In the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, you shall add an international prefix followed by country code and area code. 

For instance, the international prefix for the US is 011, and +44 is the country code and 1224 is the area code. Your number will look like 011 44 1224 xxx xxx. 

Part 3: What Do 01224 Numbers Cost to Call?

As these codes are geographical phone numbers, the 01224 numbers are rated similar to other local dialing codes used across the UK. 

However, there is an extra charge applied along with a per-minute rate that is paid to the network provider to link the call depending on your particular tariff. 

If you are calling these codes, you will be charged between 5p to 50p per minute for both landline and mobile users. However, the rates vary with different network providers. So, choose your operator wisely. 

Fortunately, the telephone regulator Ofcom stipulates that the caller can include their monthly landline or mobile free minutes to call 01224 Aberdeen’s phone code.

This will also save the caller from paying these extra charges. So, you can call for these numbers for negligible charges. 


The above information mostly gives everything one needs to know for calling 1224 Aberdeen code. So, you can opt for this number for your office as your customers won’t feel hesitant while calling or picking up this number. 

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