01244 Area Code

01244 area code is representative of a certain physical area in the UK. Are you interested in knowing the details of this area code and the area it represents? Or do you want to know the details of the cost of this phone code?

Keep reading to get your answers and learn more about the 01244 area code. You can also avail of a 01244 area code whenever you want.

Part 1: Where Is 01244 Area Code?

The geographic number 01244 of the UK represents the area of Chester and its neighboring locations. The outskirts, including towns and villages, having 01244 area code include:

Ashton Hayes Broughton Buckley Connah’s Quay Dodleston
Elton Frodsham Guilden Sutton Helsby Malpas
Mickle Trafford Mollington Sandycroft Saughall Shotton


The 01244 area-code emerged as the need for the time due to the depletion of the original area code of Chester. This depletion was the result of an immense number of devices using phone-lines including fax machines and direct dial-in lines.

Therefore for the solution of this immense shortage, Ofcom came up with a new number system for Chester. This new number was based on a 4-digit area code, introduced in 1995 during the PhONEday.

Moreover, the area code 01244 was introduced by adding 1 to the previous area code of Chester city. Thus the new area code pattern for Chester city is (01XXX) XXXXXX which previously used to be (0XXX) XXXXXX.

However, the area-code 01244 is considered as a 4 digit number since the trunk digit 0 is not counted-in theoretically. The local phone numbers for this area are 6-digit based numbers.

On the other hand, there are some areas that have 5-digit phone numbers and use the 01244 area code. But these areas are very few in number.

Part 2: Dialing 01244 Area Code in the UK

The dialing protocol for the 01244 area-code from within the UK includes dialing the trunk 0 which is eliminated theoretically. When making calls from within the UK, the caller only needs to dial the area code i.e. 01244.

Following this comes the local phone number which is 6-digit based. However, a person calling from within the same area don’t need to dial the area code.

Part 3: Dialing 01244 Area Code Outside of the UK

The procedure that one must follow while calling 01244 area from outside the UK differs from within the UK calls. The steps for this task include:

  1. Dialing the international access code. This varies from country to country, some are listed next:
Country/Region International Access Code
United States 011
Canada 011
Australia 0011
Europe 00


  1. Entering the country code for the UK which is (44).
  2. Dialing the local area code for Chester which is 01244. However, for international calls, trunk digit 0 is not dialed.
  3. Entering the local phone number.

If someone calls from Australia, the complete dialup looks like 0011 44 1244 XXX XXX.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling a 01244 Number

The general rates for calling the geographic numbers of the UK are the same as the local call rates. However, different network providers tend to offer different packages along with offers to call these numbers.

Likewise, the calling costs for the 01244 area code are the same as the local rates. However, there is a difference between the landline-rates and the mobile-rates. When calling from a landline, the call charges range from 2p per minute to 10p per minute.

While the calls from mobile phones cost from 10p per minute to 40p per minute. Most landline operators have call-packages offers for their users allowing them free calls for some specific hours of the day.

Similarly, the mobile phone network providers offer different monthly and weekly packages to the consumers. These allow the callers to make calls free of charge for a certain amount of minutes whenever they want.

They also provide their customers with benefits like top-up credit.

However, with all the perks that the callers get when calling these numbers, some network providers demand additional charges too. These additional charges are in the form of a setup fee which doesn’t depend on the duration of the call.


The 01244 geographic area code of the UK represents Chester city and its suburbs. This area code emerged as the need of the time and is now widely used. The calling rates for the 01244 area code are more or less equal to the local rates.

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