0131 Area Code

Are you wondering where does the area code 0131 belongs to? Do you want to dial a 0131 number? What are the call costs for dialing a 0131 number?

It’s time to clear the confusion and get answers!

Read further to know more details about the 0131 number.

Part 1: Where is the 0131 Area Code?

0131 is the area code of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland with a population of 482,005.

Its area code has not been 0131 from the beginning. Initially, the area code for Edinburgh was 0500 and later changed to 031. On 16th April 1995, the implementation of a new telecommunication system updated it to 0131.

The area code 0131 works for Edinburgh and some other surrounding territories. These territories include:

  • Leith
  • South Queensferry
  • Morningside
  • Corstorphine
  • Loanhead
  • Craiglockhart
  • Maybury
  • Fairmilehead
  • Donaldson
  • Kirkliston
  • Colinton
  • Portobello
  • Granton
  • Pentland
  • Newington
  • Dead
  • Abbeyhill
  • Fountainbridge
  • Dalkeith
  • Musselburgh
  • Water Hailies
  • Liberton
  • Davidson’s Mains

Part 2: Dialing 0131 Area Code in the UK 

You might be facing trouble in dialing a 0131 phone number if you are using an incorrect format. You don’t need to use an area code while making a local call to Edinburgh.

There is no need to add the 0131 area code at the beginning of the number if you are calling from within Edinburgh or its aforementioned suburbs. Simply dial the seven-digit number XXX XXXX from the landline. 

Contrastingly, it is essential to use the area code 0131 before the seven-digit number if you are dialing from within the UK but another city. Your dialed number would look like “0131 XXX XXXX”.

Similarly, add the area code before the number if you are dialing from a mobile phone irrespective of the city you are in.

Part 3: Dialing 0131 Area Code from Abroad

Dialing an international call is slightly different than dialing a local number. If you are unclear about the method of dialing 0131 number from abroad, here’s the cheat. 

Firstly, dial the international access code which can either be ‘00’ or ‘+’. Enter the UK country code i.e. 44. After that, comes the area code without the first zero i.e. 131. Finally, dial the number you are going to call.

Your dialed number would look like ‘00 44 131 XXX XXXX’ or ‘+44 131 XXX XXXX’.

Part 4: How Much Does Calling 0131 Area Code Cost?

This section gives you an estimated range of prices for calling a 0131 number so that you don’t get charged more than your expectations.

The following mentioned rates are only based on a rough estimation and the prices can vary as per your choice of telecommunication provider. 

Generally, the rate would be 10 -12p per minute if landline callers are calling during the daytime on weekdays. The landline calls are cheaper if made in the evening or at weekends. In this case, the charges are at least 5 -10p per minute. 

Nonetheless, the prices go slightly higher for mobile phone callers as the charges are 30 – 50p per minute. For exact rates check with your telecommunication provider.


In this article, you learned that the 0131 area code covers Edinburgh and its vicinity. You can dial the Edinburgh number by following the steps mentioned in this article.

The ranges of prices for calling a 0131 number vary as per time, landline/cell phone, and the telecommunication service provider.

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