01316 Area Code

Have you received a call from the 01316 area code? Are you gonna dial one? Whatever the case is, it is important to know about this dialing code before using it.

This article will help you clear your doubts. You will learn when to use this code, how to dial 01316 inside and outside of the UK and other details.

So, without waiting more, let’s learn about what is this Edinburgh dialing code:

Part 1: Where Is the 01316 Area Code?

01316 is the area code of Edinburgh. The 6 in the 01316 is a part of the local number and bot an area code in its own right. So, 01316 is be written as 0131 6, but while dialing the number it makes no difference.

Let’s look into the 0131 area code for Edinburgh and its surrounding area:

Corstorphine Dean Granton
Donaldson Davidson’s Mains Kirkliston
Edinburgh Loanhead Fountainbridge
Colinton Craiglockhart Morningside
Abbeyhill Leith Newington
Dalkeith Portobello Liberton
Maybury South Queensferry Wester Hailes
Fairmilehead Pentland Musselburgh


Moreover, the Edinburgh area code was consists of 2 digits specifically 1 and 3, and was represented as ‘013’. But, after the PhONEday event in 1995, it was given an additional digit ‘1’ for its area code.

However, the demand for phone numbers was about to exceed the current supply so more Edinburgh local numbers were created that would start from the figure 0 to 9.

As its local number consists of 7 numbers, a vast amount of telephone numbers got created for new customers and phone subscribers.

Part 2: Dialing 01316 Area Code in the UK

The 01316 Edinburgh telephone codes do not necessarily have a physical link to this location. People and businesses based outside this locality also register the 0131 area code of Edinburgh to given an impression of local presence.

However, the majority of the businesses are based on this location. The local phone numbers are 7 digits long within 0131. Whether you are calling from a mobile or landline network outside of the 0131 dialing code area, you certainly need to use a dialing code.

You simply need to add the area code: 0131 and then the usual number. Your whole number will look like: 0131 xxx xxxx.

Although, you can skip the use of the Edinburgh phone code if you are dialing with a landline telephone to a local number within the same area code.

Part 3: Dialing 01316 Area Code from Oversea

You can certainly call Edinburgh phone numbers from outside of the UK. Even so, there is a simple change you need to make by replacing the zero and adding international dial-in code +44 for the UK.

As a result, your number will become +44 131 xxx xxxx. This number consists of the international code, area code, and the usual number. For some countries, you might need to add an international prefix followed by your country and area code.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01316 Number?

If you call 01316 phone numbers in Edinburgh, it will cost up to 10 p per minute from your landline network. The variation in the cost depends on the time of the day you are calling and your network provider.

Moreover, while calling from the mobile network, it will be charged between 10p and 40p per minute. Fortunately, Edinburgh’s phone code areas also allow you to use landline or mobile offers inclusive of free calls or any bundle pack.


Having a local presence makes it easy for your customer to contact with trust and confidence in mind. This in turn will help you increase your business credibility and customer satisfaction.

Also, as 01316 area codes are not that expensive which makes them a great investment for your business whether your business is in Edinburgh or not.

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