01332 Area Code

Receiving a call starting with 01332 leaves people wondering where the call is coming from. Next time anyone receives a ring beginning with the 01332 area code, know that it is from Derby.

Not everyone is aware of the application and importance of the Derby dialing code. Therefore, they face difficulty in sending calls to this region of England.

If you are one of those, then this is the right site. The article comprises all necessary information related to the 01332 area code. Hopefully, at the end of the article, there will not be a single topic of Derby dialing code left untouched.

Part 1: Where Is the 01332 Area Code?

Derby is the county town of Derbyshire with 01332 as the initial Derby code. The estimated population of the town is 254,374. So as a matter of fact, half of these people would have been registered to numbers with Derby telephone code. 

One great thing about the 01332 area code is that it is not limited to this region. People from some of the other regions of the UK can also own a Derby number. 

Few other locations those cover the 01332 area code are: 

  • Allestree Park
  • Alvaston
  • Breadsall
  • Castle Donington
  • Chellaston
  • Draycott
  • Duffield
  • Horsley
  • Kirk Langley
  • Melbourne
  • Mickleover
  • Peartree
  • Shardlow
  • Willowcroft

Previously, people entered only 0332 to connect to Derby. In April of 1995, one was added to the three-digits code. Since then people of Derby have the 01332 area code before their phone numbers. 

Part 2: Dialing 01332 Area Code in the UK

The code for connecting to someone in the town is mandatory for regions that lie outside Derby. 

Connecting to Derby from a number beginning with the 01332 area code will not require dialing the code. But if someone is phoning using a mobile phone then they will have to use the code even if they are located in Derby. 

Regardless of the device, i.e., connecting via a landline or mobile, both require using the 01332 area code. To reach someone with the help of the code, dial the Derby STD code along with a 6-digit local number like 01332- XXXXXX. 

An example of the contact number of Derby with the area code is 01332 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialing 01332 Area Code Outside of the UK

Undoubtedly, the calls from outside of the United Kingdom to the 01332 area code are confusing. However, the format of talking on the local number has some adjustments along with the simple Derby phone code.  

So to reach Derby, the international access code of the country the call is being made from is a must, i.e. +/00. The next step is inserting the international code of the UK i.e. 44. Then is entering the code after omitting the first zero of the 01332 area code. 

For instance, 01332 will become 1332. At last, dial the six-digit Derby local number. In the international ringing format, the number will look like 00 44 1332 XXX XXX.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01332 Number?

Putting a call through to Derby will cost some charges depending upon the time, minutes and call packages. Calls on a 01332 number will be charged for connecting to the call and will vary further depending upon the duration of the call.

When reaching someone using a landline, the price of the call can be up to 10p per minute. On the other hand, placing a call with a mobile phone will cost around 10-50p per minute.

The mobile provider also allows free calls to the 01332 area code by specific setup fees and inclusive minutes.


The article above has made every aspect of how to dial the code to the costs of the call on a Derby number. Giving a ring to a friend or business partner in this location will never be an issue now.  

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