01392 Area Code

The 01392 area code can be used even by the businesses outside of the local area. So, if you are working to establishing the local presence of your in Exeter, this could be your next step.

It doesn’t matter wherever your business has located, your caller will believe that they have dialed in Exeter. Moreover, the interesting thing is when your customers call on 01392 number, it can automatically redirect to any of your chosen landline or mobile numbers.

There are many reasons to choose these area codes so let’s dig in more and learn about them:

Part 1: Where Is the 01392 Area Code?

This four-digit geographical dialing code has used in the Exeter region for telecommunication purposes. 01392 is a six-digit local telephone number to call in the Exeter area.

Moreover, the journey of 01392 area codes has started during PhONEday in 1995. Before this, the Exeter area code was 392 which then changed into 1392 area code.

These Exeter phone codes do locate in the county of Devon in the South West area of the UK. It has mostly used in Exeter and the following surrounding area:

Longdown Newton St. Cyres
Exminster Stoke Canon
Topsham Kennford
Silverton Pinhoe
Sowton Hele

Part 2: Dialing 01392 Area Code within the UK

To call from outside of the Exeter code, you need to necessarily use a dialing code before the usual number. As a result, your number will look something like: 01392 xxx xxx.

However, you don’t need to use phone code 01392 when you are calling a local number within the same area code with a landline network. Moreover, many of the Exeter number codes are regular landline connections serving from the local area.

This might not be the case with many businesses as they don’t provide a service that requires a local physical address. So, having a phone number means they have an area code, such as they have located outside of Exeter.

But, what if the caller wants to call 013942 area code from outside of the UK?

Part 3: Dialing 013942 Area Code from Oversea

If you are from outside of the UK and need to contact someone from Exeter, you need to modify the normal number. Remove the initial zero of 01392 area code and replace it with the international dial-in code which is +44.

The whole dial-in code is now an international area code for Exeter +4413942. Now, your Exeter phone number will become 441392 xxx xxx which will connect from abroad.

Are these national land international calls expensive to make? Let’s find out:

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01392 Number?

When you call a landline or mobile, Exeter dialing code will cost you similar to your usual call to local 01 and 02 area code numbers.

Furthermore, if you have any free inclusive minutes or a bundle pack, it will include all the calls to the 01392 area code. So, you can call the person for free with no additional charges; just your free minutes will be deducted.

If your pack is exhausted or you don’t have any free minutes, the per-minute rate will depend on the time of the day you are calling and your network provider.

However, if you are calling from a landline then it will cost you between 2p and 10p per minute.  And the mobile calls are typically charged between 10p and 40p per minute.

For landline users, a small call set-up fee is also applied and call cost varies from the time of day.


People buy the 01392 area code for their home and business as this is a good way to promote businesses and services in Exeter.

Pursuing this number will guide your customers to know where and how to call you for their product query. Furthermore, calling these numbers may help to build trust in your customers as they may think that they are calling locally.

Moreover, we are here to help you resolve any 01392 or other number code queries. You can call anytime and our experts will help you to find an affordable and relevant deal to buy 01392 number or any calling pack for it.