0141 Area Code

Are you planning on building your business in Scotland’s city with the largest seaport? Do you want to get a virtual Glasgow phone number to show the local presence of your business?

Here’s how you can do it!

Read this article and get complete information on the 0141 area code.

Part 1: Where Is the 0141 Area Code?

The 0141 area code belongs to Glasgow, the second largest city of Scotland and the third most populous city in the UK. Glasgow developed from a small town on the banks of River Clyde. The city is now a vibrant metropolis with a wide variety of attractions and activities for everyone.

Besides Glasgow, 0141 is the dialing code for the nearby suburbs. These areas include the following:

  • Bishopbriggs
  • Cranhill
  • Govan
  • Erskine
  • Maryhill
  • Paisley
  • Provanmill
  • Springburn
  • Thornly Park
  • Shettleston
  • Renfrew
  • Pollok
  • Merrylee
  • Ibrox
  • Glasgow
  • Croftfoot
  • Busby
  • Barrhead
  • Clydebank
  • Drumchapel
  • Giffnock
  • Langside
  • Newton Mearns
  • Possil
  • Scotstoun
  • Stepps
  • Rutherglen
  • Milngavie
  • Kirkintilloch
  • Halfway
  • Cambuslang
  • Bridgeton
  • Baillieston
  • Bearsden

History of 0141 Area Code

In 1966, ‘All Figure Dialing’ was implemented in the telephonic structure of a few selected cities of the UK. The aim of this implementation was to replace the alphabetic exchange codes with numerals. 

Therefore, the pattern 0X1 was introduced where ‘X’ represented the area code of the specific city. The digit ‘4’ is assigned to Glasgow as the equivalent for ‘X’. 

As a result, 041 became the area code for Glasgow. Later on, the PhONE Day event in 1955 added an extra ‘1’ to all area codes of the UK. This updated the dialing code for Glasgow to 0141.

Part 2: Dialling 0141 Area Code in the UK 

Dialing a Glasgow number 0141 from any other city in the UK requires an area code before it. The same rule applies to cell phone calls from any region within the UK. The dialed number is 0141 XXX XXXX.

On the contrary, there is no need to use area code when dialing a local number from Glasgow. You can connect by dialing the 7 digits long subscriber number from the landline.

Part 3: Dialling 0141 Area Code from Abroad

Dialing a 0141 area code from abroad is simple. All you need is to replace the initial ‘0’ with ‘+44’ where ‘+44’ is the international dialing code for the UK. Then, dial the seven-digit local number. Hence, the international version of a Glasgow phone number would look like ‘+44 141 XXX XXXX’. 

Part 4: Cost of Calling 0141 Numbers

The cost of calling a 0141 number varies with different factors. While calling from landline during the peak time, 10 – 12 p per minute is charged. The charges dropdown to 5 – 10 p per minute as you call in the off-peak times i.e. evenings or the weekend. Besides, a standard setup fee is applied to all calls. 

Moreover, landline operators offer inclusive call packages occasionally. These packages offer discounted rates and even free minutes at certain times of day or days of the week. Similarly, mobile companies offer different packages to serve the customized needs of their customers.

You can opt for a mobile company that provides the best affordable rates for Glasgow’s phone numbers. Look for the package which includes free minutes or reduced cost to a few numbers. With the presence of several mobile providers, the choices are multiple.


This article explained all the details of the 0141 area code. It is the dialing code for Glasgow and surrounding areas.

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