01422 Area Code

Has it ever occurred to you what is 01XXX number format? Where is the 01422 area code? Is it free to call a 01422 number?

In this article, you will learn about area code 01422 and the related details. 

Part 1: Where Is the 01422 Area Code? 

01422 is the dialing code of Halifax which is situated in the county of West Yorkshire. The area code of Halifax also serves as the area code of other areas that are located near this town, including:

  • Calder Valley
  • Elland
  • Hebden Bridge
  • Hipperholme
  • Illingworth
  • Mytholmroyd
  • Ripponden
  • Sowerby Bridge

History of 01422 Area code

In April 1995, the role of overseeing an improvement in UK telephone network capability was assigned to Ofcom (formerly Oftel). Ofcom took the opportunity to implement a formal numbering scheme to the UK telephone network. 

This scheme included the use of primary indicators such as 01, 02, 07, 08, or 09. These indicators allow callers to understand what costs they could incur when calling a given number. Moreover, digit ‘1’ was added to all local area codes. 

This changed the area code of Halifax from 0422 to 01422.

Part 2: Dialling 01422 Area Code in the UK

A 01422 number is local to the city of Halifax and its vicinity. Hence, landline calls can be made directly on the 6 digit subscriber number XXX XXX without adding the 01422 area code if you are present in the Halifax city.

On the contrary, when you are present in some UK city other than the Halifax or dialing from a mobile phone, area code is required. Pick up your phone and add the area code of Halifax followed by the six-digit phone number i.e. 01422 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialling 01422 Area Code from Abroad 

There are just two additional steps that you have to take for placing an international call to a Halifax number. Add ‘+’ or ‘00’ as the international access code. Then, enter ‘44’ which is the dialing code for the UK from abroad.

Now, you need to enter the area code of Halifax without the first zero i.e. ‘1422’. Lastly, enter the six-digit number. Your dialed number would look like ‘+44 1422 XXX XXX’ or ‘00 44 1422 XXX XXX’.

Part 4: How Much Does It Cost to Call a 01422 Number? 

The cost of calling a 01422 number is the same as it is for other local numbers. The charges are 10 – 12p per minute for the daytime landline calls on weekdays.

The calls are charged 5-10p per minute for landline calls made during weekends or in the evenings the callers.

Note that the cost increases up to 30-50p per minute when dialed from a cell phone. The call charges are considerably high when you dial a 01422 from overseas, compared to the domestic calls.

Nonetheless, it is recommended to go through your telecommunications provider’s price rates because the prices given here can vary from the actual ones.


01422 serves as the area code of Halifax town and the surrounding areas. The cost of calling a 01422 number is nominal from within the UK. The charges as per service provider and call packages.    

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