01432 Area Code

Did you just receive a call from the 01432 dialing code? Or are you about to call this code? Do you know what 01432 area codes and why are they used? 

This article will take you to the journey of the 01432 area code. These geographic codes are a great way to build a local presence in Hereford. For businesses, these numbers help their customers to know where to call if they need the service in Hereford. 

So, let’s get started and understand more about the 01432 area code. 

Part 1: Where Is the 01432 Area Code?

The 4 digit code is a geographical dialing code of the Hereford region and used for telecom purposes. Here, the local telephone numbers are 6 digits long. 

Moreover, the Hereford area code located in the region of Herefordshire in the West Midlands of the UK. These area codes used by Hereford and its following surrounding areas: 

  • Canon Pyon
  • Bartestree Cross
  • Fownhope
  • Burghill
  • Burley Gate
  • Holme Lacy
  • Sutton St Nicholas
  • Carey
  • Tarrington
  • Hereford

Furthermore, until 1995, the 432 was used as the area code of Hereford for mobile phones and pagers. However, the use of this code was not permanent and on 28th April 2001, these devices provided with separate area code assignments. 

In the PhONEday event, 1 was added to this area code to create a considerable amount of new phone numbers. 

Part 2: Dialing 01432 Area Code in the UK

If you are calling from outside of the Hereford area, make sure you use the 01432 dialing code before the usual number of the person to whom you are calling. Hence, your number should look something like this: 01432 xxx xxx. 

Additionally, these number codes are normally Hereford landline connections but many businesses use them from outside of Hereford. To create the local presence this arrangement is helpful.

Moving forward, let’s see what you can do if you wish to call from outside of the UK: 

Part 3: Dialing 01432 Area Code from Abroad

For the people who want to contact someone in Hereford from the outside of the UK, they need to modify the number. Simply, remove the initial zero and add the international code. The code varies from country to country. 

The code is then followed by the UK country code +44 and then the area code 1432. A whole dial-in number is now an international number for Hereford. 

For instance, if you are calling from Australia, the number will start from the international prefix 0011, and your number will be in the format: 0011 44 1432 xxx xxx. 

Now that you got a basic idea about the 01432 phone codes, you might be wondering how much will this cost you: 

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01432 Number?

To call 01432 telephone code, you have charged similar to landline charges of other areas of the UK. However, the cost varies with different telecommunication companies providing different monthly packages. So, contact your network provider to know the exact cost. 

However, the approximated cost for landline users is about 8p to 50p per minute. On the other hand, mobile users will be charged much higher from 6p to 80p per minute.

The factors like call duration, call package, time of calling, and more are the factors affecting the cost of calling

Further, you can use your bundle pack or free minutes to call mobile phone codes in the UK. This way you could call for free, the minutes will be deducted from your free minutes. 


Now, you have all the important information regarding the 01432 area code. So, if you are also someone who is establishing or has established any kind of business in Hereford, you should invest in the Hereford dialing code. 

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