01463 Area Code

Are you planning to establish your business in Inverness or do you already have one in there? In both the scenarios, 01463 area code will help you build the local presence and open gates to new opportunities. 

Such telecom connections will also contribute to promoting your business in Inverness. However, before buying the Inverness area code, it is advisable to learn the basics of it. This article will help you with the same. 

Read on to know about 01463 area code: 

Part 1: Where Is the 01463 Area Code?

The 4 digits geographical code 01463 is a dialing code of telecom service used in Inverness. All the 01463 telephone numbers are 6 digits. 

Moreover, the 01463 area code is not only used by Inverness. It is located in the various counties intersecting between Inverness, Ross, and Cromarty in the Scotland area of the UK. The following are the areas included: 

  • Beaul
  • Dores
  • Culloden
  • Munlochy
  • Drumchardine
  • Muir of Ord
  • Kessock
  • Kiltality
  • Daviot
  • Struy
  • Dochgarroch

Moreover, the area code 01463 came into effect in 1995. This code modified during the PhONEday event where many area codes in the UK were changed. 

This modification made to handle the declining stock of telephone numbers in the region. The new area code has created a significant supply of phone numbers to use.

Part 2: Dialling 01463 Area Code within the UK

If you are calling from outside of the Inverness dialing code area, you will need to use the 01463 code. The code is then followed by the contact number. Therefore, the final number will become 01463 XXX XXX. 

However, if you are calling the local number within the same area code using a landline network, you don’t need to dial the 01463 area code. Thus, you only dial the 6 digit phone number of the person you are calling i.e. XXX XXX.

Some 01463 numbers could be from outside of Inverness without having any physical existence in the local area. This is mainly done by businesses like Inverness’s local paper. However, they use the 01463 telephone code to build the local presence in Inverness. 

Part 3: Dialling 01463 Area Code Outside of the UK 

You can certainly make a call from outside of the UK. Simply modify the number by adding international codes to find a specific area. Follow the below given simple steps to make a call: 

  1. Firstly, dial the international prefix of the country you are calling from (usually 00, 0011, 011)
  2. Then, dial 44, the UK country code 
  3. Now, skip the zero and enter the remaining area code 1463
  4. Lastly, dial the 6 digit number XXX XXX of the person you are calling to
  5. Your international dialing number will look like: 00 44 1463 XXX XXX

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01463 Number?

If you are calling to 01463 dialing code, you will be paying similar to the rates of other areas of the UK. However, the cost varies from different telecom companies so to know the exact rates, you will have to contact your network provider. 

Nevertheless, when we talk about the cost range, for landline, it is between 10p to 15p per minute. For the mobile network, the charge can go up to 50p per minute. The factors that affect the rate of calling are the call duration, the time of calling, call package, and others. 

Did you find this expensive? If yes, don’t worry, you can use a bundle pack or free minutes available for both mobile and landline networks. This makes your calls free apart from deducting the free minutes off your pack. 


After reading this article, you now know what is 01463 area code and where it is used. So, if you still think this is what you need in your business or even at home, go for it. 

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