01625 Area Code

As per the current marketing trend, businesses need to target people regionally to expand their reach. What’s a better way to start than owning your local number? 

So, if you want to make people aware of your presence in Macclesfield, simply buy a 01625 area code number. This is budget-friendly and gives localities a sense of trust and closeness. 

So, let’s begin the article by understanding in depth what exactly is this 01625 numbers: 

Part 1: Where Is the 01625 Area Code?

This 4 digits geographical dialing code is used for telecommunication in the Macclesfield region. While dialing, you need to dial 6 digits local telephone number. 

Moreover, the 01625 code is situated in Cheshire county in the North West of the UK. Using this code, you can call Macclesfield and the following surrounding area: 

  • Chelford
  • Alderley Edge
  • Wilmslow
  • Bollington
  • Prestbury
  • Poynton

Before 1990, there were two area codes used for this region: 0625 for Macclesfield and 0996 for Wilmslow. During the mid-1990s, the telecom department decided to withdraw all the 0996 codes and transferred those numbers to 0625. 

However, in April 1995, 0625 was renumbered in the PhONEday event and eventually became 01625 std code which is used currently. 

Part 2: Dialling 01625 Area Code in the UK

While calling from outside of the Macclesfield or the above mentioned surrounding areas, you need to dial the area code followed by the usual local number. The area code format of Macclesfield will look like 01625 XXX XXXX with 0 as the trunk code. 

Moreover, if you wish to call someone in Macclesfield within the local area with a landline, there is no need to dial the 01625 telephone area code. You just need to enter the local phone number XXX XXX. The Leicester local number codes are the usual landline numbers.

However, this might not be the case for many businesses. Some national or international organizations used this number from outside of Macclesfield to make customers believe that they work and present locally for them. 

Part 3: Dialling 01625 Area Code Outside of the UK

If you are trying to call someone in Macclesfield from abroad, simply add the international prefix to your usual call. Here is a step to step guide to do what is required: 

  • Firstly, dial the international prefix of the country you are calling from (typically 00, 0011, 011) 
  • Now, dial 44, the dialing code of the UK
  • Enter 1625, the Macclesfield area code, without the initial zero 
  • Lastly, enter the usual phone number XXX XXX of the person you are calling

Your number format will finally look like 011 44 1625 XXX XXX

Now that you know how to make the calls, next up, learn about the charges of calling these numbers:

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01625 Number

The cost of calling a 01625 telephone code is similar to calling the usual local area codes. The cost will depend on the time of the day you are calling and your network provider. 

So, if you are calling from a landline, it will cost you 10p-12p during the day and 5p-10p per minute in the evening or weekend. For mobile users, the costs typically range between 30p-50p per minute. 

Also, you can use any free inclusive minutes or a bundle pack to call for free on 01625 dial code. You don’t need to pay any additional charges; just your free minutes will be deducted. 


This article has provided all the necessary information related to the 01625 area code that can help you all organizations in Macclesfield.

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