01628 Area Code

One of the terrible things about shifting to a new place like Maidenhead is to not know much about the area codes. People often do not know how to send calls to the 01628 area.

As a matter of fact, callers who do not belong to the Maidenhead cannot connect without applying the 01628 area code. In order to know about the code briefly, its history, dialing procedure, and rates keep reading.

Part 1: Where Is the 01628 Area Code?

The 01628 area code is specified to Maidenhead and its surrounding areas. The surrounding areas include that apply to the 01628 postcodes are: 

  • Bourne End
  • Burnham
  • Littlewick Green 
  • Marlow also 

When recalling history, the area code for Maidenhead was not always 01628. The area code before 15th April 1995 was 0628. However, on the 16th of April, with the insertion of one, the code of Maidenhead became 01628. 

Part 2: Dialing 01628 Area Code in the UK

Getting on the line with someone using the 01628 area code from the UK is very smooth. Knowing the code and the accurate phone number of the specific person are all the caller needs. 

The measures that include in talking to a Maidenhead phone number from the UK are:

  • Type 01628 before the phone number 
  • Type the six-digit phone number 

Once done, make the call and connect with family, friends, or business partners in Maidenhead. Bear in mind, that local callers do not need to enter the 01628 area code for reaching the region. 

Part 3: Dialing 01628 Area Code from Abroad

Communicating with a Maidenhead phone number from the outside UK may seem somewhat confusing.

But, dialing from abroad by adding the Maidenhead code is not at all troublesome. Humans around the globe can interact with this region of England using the code 01628 easily. Simple steps to dial to someone in Maidenhead from Abroad are:

  • The first step is dialing the international access code.
  • Remove the first 0 from 01628 area code, making it 1628.
  • Then replace the 0 with the UK country code, which is 44, making it 441628.
  • Now dial the six-digit phone number to make the call.

An example of a phone number to dial from the outside of the UK is 0044 1628 XXX-XXX.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01628 Number?

Dialing on a 01628 area code does not cost much. The cost of calling on the Maidenhead code is the same as that of calling on any other UK number. The prices of standard UK numbers starting with 01 and 02 and the code 01628 are the same.

The rates of Maidenhead calls depend upon the time of the call. These codes have a set-up fee and the prices per minute of the call. The average price of calls to Maidenhead per minute can vary from 10p to 12p. 

Mobile-to-Mobile calls cost more than making landline-to-landline calls to the region. Calling charges of a mobile call will cost from 10p and 40p per minute. Moreover, different service providers bring exciting packages to make free of cost calls using the code.


By reading the article carefully, confusions related to the 01628 area code must have been cleared.

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