01706 Area Code

Struggling to reach out to someone in Rochdale? Not much aware about the dialing procedure of  01706 area code? Want to know how area codes work for Rochdale nationally and internationally? 

This is the exact site to give information regarding speaking to people with 01706 numbers. Keep following the article for the complete guide of the 01706 area code.

Part1: Where Is the 01706 Area Code?

The phone numbers of Rochdale and nearby areas have the 01706 area code. For getting in touch with someone living in the Rochdale area, one has to apply the code correctly.  

Some other neighborhoods of Rochdale also use the 01706 telephone code, for instance: 

  • Bacup
  • Haslingden
  • Heywood
  • Littleborough
  • Ramsbottom
  • Rawtenstall
  • Rossendale
  • Shaw
  • Todmorden
  • Whitworth

The Rochdale area has a population of more than 220,000 and more than half of the population has registered to 01706 numbers. So next time one sees a call beginning with 01706, know that it is coming from Rochdale. 

Was the area code for Rochdale always the same? 

Well, the area code 01706 made mandatory centuries ago. However, the area code was not the same back then. The code was of three digits, i.e. 0706. Later in the 20th century, with the addition of 1, the area code became 01706. 

Since then people from all around the world are using the 01706 area code to ring to people in Rochdale.

Part 2: Dialing 01706 Area Code in the UK

Gaining access to someone in Rochdale from any region of the UK can be done within no time. Individuals think connecting to the region is complicated using the 01706 area code. So if someone is any of the states of the UK and wants to talk to someone in Rochdale, it is painless. 

Initially, for ringing up from outside Rochdale and within the UK, get the six-digit phone number. Just add 01706 before the six-digit phone number and make contact with your Rochdale friend.

However, if you are living in Rochdale, you can place a six-digit local call without using the 01706 code.

Part 3: Dialing 01706 Area Code from Abroad

Getting on the line from any other country than the UK has a slightly different procedure. 

  • First, add the access code of the country the call is being made from. It will be +/ 00.
  • Then, add 44 which is the country code of the UK.
  • Next, enter the 01706 area code after removing the first 0.
  • Now add the six-digit phone number.

The number to connect to Rochdale is ready. The phone number is going to look like 0044/ +44 1706 XXX XXX

Part 4: What Do 01706 Number Cost to Call?

As calls are a necessity, it is very significant to know the call charges of any area. The calling rates of the Rochdale area are low. To phone up to this specific area, the caller can make use of a landline or a mobile. 

  • Landline costs to Rochdale vary from 2p-10p per minute.
  • Mobile phone costs to Rochdale vary from 10p-40p per minute

There are call offers by different mobile operators. To avail them one needs to get in contact with their mobile operator.


Hopefully, the content in the article was adequate to give all important information about the 01706 area code. People have this area code only if they reside in the 01706 area. Individuals often ask if they can own a 01706 if they don’t live in the area. 

Well, cNumber brings good news for people who want to have a Rochdale number virtually. We have got for our clients a virtual phone which gives access to the 01706 area code.

Using our services, you can easily dial the 01706 area code virtually and connect to people in Rochdale.