01914 Area Code

If you are strategizing regional marketing for your business, the 01914 phone number will help you target your local area. Customers often trust and respond better to local numbers such as Tyneside area code numbers as they feel that the company is near them.

So, the 01914 dialing code is a good option for the companies which have demand in the Tyneside area. However, before making the buying decision, you might want to give this article a read to understand what these codes are and why and how they are used.

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Part 1: Where Is the 01914 Area Code?

The 01914 area code is the starting dialing code of Tyneside. The whole of 01914 is not the area code, but the last digit 4 is the part of the local number.

So, while dialing the phone number, it will look something like this: 0191 4XX XXXX. However, this doesn’t make any difference when dialing the number.

Furthermore, the area code 0191 is not only used in Tyneside but also in the county of Durham of the UK. For the 01914 area code, it is used in the Newcastle and Gateshead area and the following areas:

Wallsend Denton Burn Killingworth
Jarrow Kenton Felling
Birtley Gosforth Benton
North Shields Dudley Low Fell
Dunston Washington Jesmond
Seaton Delaval Blaydon Lemington
Whitley Bay South Shields Whickham
Tynemouth Wideopen Ryton

Before 1995, the area code of Tyneside was 091. The code was then modified to 0191 area code by adding an extra ‘1’ between the trunk number zero and initial area code during an event named PhONEday in 1995.

After that people start using the 01914 area code to call at Tyneside.

Part 2: Dialling 01914 Area Code in the UK

When you call someone in Tyneside within the same area or its suburbs, you don’t need to add the 01914 code of the UK. So, you only dial the phone number: 4XX XXXX. Make sure you add the ‘4’ as it is part of the local number and not of the area code.

Moreover, if you want to contact a person/business from outside of Tyneside or its suburbs, it is necessary to add the area code. So, your final phone number will look like: 0191 4XX XXXX.

As you read above, the Tyneside phone numbers are normal landline numbers used by locals, but some businesses operate such numbers from outside of the Tyneside. They do so to increase their local presence in Tyneside.

However, the dialing pattern to call such numbers remains the same.

Part 3: Dialling 01914 Area Code from Abroad

It is simple to call 01914 area code numbers from outside of the UK. Start by adding the international prefix. The code varies for different countries. For instance, for the US and Canada, it is 011.

Moving forward, you need to add the international UK code followed by the area code. Make sure you don’t add the trunk number zero. Hence, the final number format will be 011 44 191 4XX XXXX.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01914 Number

If you are calling any 01914 area code of the UK, you will be charged similar to other local area codes of the UK. On average, the landline users pay up to 10 p per minute. Also, if someone is calling from a mobile phone, the calls will be charged between 10p and 40p per minute.

The fixed cost of the calls depends on several factors like call timings and your network operator. To reduce your cost, you can use calling deals inclusive of free minutes at certain times of the day or a bundle pack.


With the information on the 01914 area code, you will be able to decide whether to invest in it or not. If you are targeting Tyneside to tap new opportunities and grow your business, the 01914 dialing code is the right choice for your business.

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