02892 Area Code

Are you perplexed by the 02892 number? Where is the 02892 area code? Is it free to call a 02892 number?

This article has all your answers! Read further to know all details of the 02892 area code.

Part 1: Where Is the 02892 Area Code?

02892 area code belongs to Lisburn, a city in Northern Ireland. It is important to understand that 02892 is not an area code. Instead, 028 is the actual area code. The digits ‘9’ and ‘2’ are part of the local phone numbers in Lisburn.

Apart from Lisburn, the area code of 028 is used for the areas in Northern Ireland and third-level cities in the UK including:

  • Antrim
  • Armagh 
  • Ballycastle
  • Ballyclare
  • Ballygawley
  • Ballymena
  • Ballymoney 
  • Banbridge 
  • Bangor (Co. Down) 
  • Belfast 
  • Carrickmore 
  • Coleraine 
  • Cookstown 
  • Downpatrick 
  • Dungannon 
  • Enniskillen 
  • Fivemiletown 
  • Kesh 
  • Kilrea 
  • Kircubbin 
  • Larne 
  • Limavady
  • Lisnaskea 
  • Londonderry 
  • Magherafelt 
  • Martinstown 
  • Newcastle (Co. Down) 
  • Newry 
  • Newtownstewart 
  • Omagh 
  • Portadown 
  • Rostrevor
  • Saintfield

History of 02892 Area Code

Originally, the area code for Lisburn was ‘846’ in the 1970s. Then, the 1995 PhONE Day added a digit ‘1’ to all area codes in the UK. This incident changed the local area code to ‘1846’. 

Afterward in 2000, a ‘Big Number Change’ occurred which completely changed the area code format for Lisburn. 028 became the new area code of Lisburn. Moreover, the local numbers of Lisburn were assigned with the digits ‘9’ and ‘2’ which resulted in the area code of ‘02892’.

Part 2: Dialling 02892 Area Code in the UK 

Lisburn to Lisburn calls do not require the dialing of area code. You can place a call just by dialing the phone number XXX XXX as is. On the other hand, area code becomes necessary when a call is placed from any other city of the UK. In this case, your dialing pattern would be ‘028(92) XXX-XXX’.

Part 3: Dialling 02892 Area Code from Abroad

Dialing a 02892 area code from abroad needs a few additional steps. First, dial the international access code i.e. ‘00’ or ‘+’. After that comes the country code of the UK i.e.44. Then, put in the area code but remove the initial zero i.e. 28(92). This is followed by dialing in the six-digit number XX XXXX. 

Hence, the dialed number would look like this: 00 44 2892 XX XXXX or +44 2892 XX XXXX. 

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 02892 Number

It is not very expensive to call on Lisburn’s number, either if you are in Lisburn or any different city. You will be charged with 10-12p per minute for landline calls during the daytime on weekdays.

Whereas, the caller will have to pay 5-10p per minute for landline calls in the evening or at weekends. As obvious, cell phone calls will cost more than landline i.e. 30-50p per minute. Needless to say that international calls are costlier than local ones.

Nonetheless, the call charges may vary as different service provides offer different call packages. Sometimes, these packages include free minutes and discounted call rates during certain times of the day. 


02892 area code covers numerous regions of Northern Ireland and some other towns of the UK. Unlike the format, the price rates are pretty much the same as for other cities in the UK.

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