All You Need To Know About 0843 Area Code

Do you want to know details about 0843 area code i.e. if the number 0843 is an area code or not? You can get a complete insight into what 0843 numbers are and what are the associated costs.

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Part 1: What Are 0843 Numbers?

0843 numbers are non-geographic numbers, which means that they don’t correspond to any specific geographical location, allowing calls from this number to be from anywhere inside of the UK.

All 0843 numbers are special rate service numbers, which bring with them an associated surcharge decided by concerned organizations. This results in 0843 numbers being more expensive than the other ordinary numbers.

0843 numbers are mainly used by organizations that serve to provide some kind of service, including information provision, support lines, ticketing services, conference calls, and travel book services.

The 0843 numbers cost consists of two separate charges; an access charge and a service charge. The access charge is the cost imposed by the network provider on the calls while the service charge is the charge imposed by the organizations that are being called.

Both the access charge and service charge vary from provider to provider and organization to organization, respectively. Typically the access charge ranges from 10 pence per minute to 50 pence per minute while the service charge reaches a maximum of 7 pence per minute.

Part 2: Is 0843 an Area Code?

No, the numbers with prefixes 0843 are not area code. These numbers are non-geographic numbers of the UK and hence not restricted to any physical location. The 0843 numbers have dual costs, ranging from around 17 pence per minute to 57 pence per minute.

These costs vary from organization to organization and network providers.

Therefore, it is always suggested to research well about the network charges (access charge) as well as the service charges from the organizations (surcharge) so that you are aware of the bill costs prior to making calls.

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Part 3: Cost of Calling 0843 Numbers

Being a business rate number, 0843 numbers prove to be more on the expensive side as compared to other numbers. However, the total cost varies with users’ tariff, network provider, and other factors like the hours of calling.

The standard charges for 0843 numbers include up to 7 pence per minute added to the access charge when calling from landline and mobile. As stated before, the access charge depends on the network provider, next we gather standard charges from some providers for you.

Provider Access Charge (per minute) Service Charge (per minute)
BT 0p to 30p (depends on call plan)  


Between 0p to 7p depending on the organization

EE 11p to 65p (depends on call plan)
Lycamobile 23p
O2 55p
Talk Mobile 15p
Tesco Mobile 25p
Zen Internet 11p

Revenue Generation with 0843 Numbers

The 0843 numbers provide a benefit of revenue generation whenever targeted to a UK landline.

This revenue includes earning of at least 1.5p per minute on every incoming call. This forms the reason for this number to be widely used by businesses’ customer services and support lines where the costs are offset by the rebates.

Moreover, unlimited calls can be diverted to your UK mobile for free of cost with 0843 numbers.

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Part 4: Get Your Own 0843 Number

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Wrapping Up

Going through this reading, you will be aware of the number 0843 area code eligibility by now, also you would have gotten a good idea of costs associated with 0843 numbers as well as the opportunity for revenue generation out of this number.

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