How to Call Ireland From the United Kingdom?

Are you living in the UK, but all your friends and family are back in Ireland? Are you looking for a way to make business calls to Ireland from the UK? Look no more; this article provides you with all the codes you need to call Ireland from the UK.

Part 1: Calling Ireland from the United Kingdom

To call Ireland from the United Kingdom, follow the dialing procedure below. The procedure is applicable to both Irish fixed line numbers and mobile numbers.


00-353-Area Code-Irish Phone Number OR (+353-Area Code-Irish Phone Number)

00-353-9 Digit Phone Number OR (+353-9 Digit Phone Number)

The above dialing format represents some components specific to the UK to Ireland calls.

Using the + sign at the beginning automatically inserts the international call prefix (00). These two zeros represent the United Kingdom’s Exit Code. Using them signifies that a caller in the UK is making an international call.

The second component (353) represents Ireland’s country code / ISD code. Some Irish cities have area codes, while others do not. It is, therefore, vital that the caller knows the city in which the call recipient resides.

If the recipient’s city of residence has an area code, dial it after the ISD Code. If not, just dial their phone number after Ireland’s country code.

Part 2: List of Ireland Area Codes

Ireland has over 27 area codes. When making a call from the UK to someone in Ireland, you need to know their area code. However, some cities don’t have area codes. When calling contacts in those cities insert their number immediately after Ireland’s country code (353).

Below is a list of some of Ireland’s cities and their area code. Use them to call your loved ones from the UK.

City Area Code City Area Code
Athlone 90 Letterkenny 74
Ballina 96 Limerick 61
Castlebar 94 Longford 43
Cavan 49 Monaghan 47
Clonmel 52 Mullingar 44
Cork 21 Nass 45
Drogheda 41 Navan 46
Dublin 1 Portlaoise 57
Dundalk 42 Sligo 71
Ennis 65 Tipperary 62
Galway 91 Tralee 66
Kilkenny 56 Waterford 51
Killarney 64 Wexford 53
Youghal 24    


Now you have all the details you need to call Ireland from the United Kingdom. You even have a list of all the area codes you may need to call. The next best thing now is getting a relatively cheap rate for all your calls. We can help with that too.

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