How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers From Mobile?

A special phone number used by the public sector, government bodies, charities, and nonprofit organizations is an 0300 number.

Though 0300 is not connected to any specific geographic location, the call cost of 0300 number is the same as local rates. It is similar to calling a normal home or business landline within the UK.

So, this article will help you to understand how much 0300 numbers cost with the breakdown of the charges from different networks.

Now, it’s time for the 1st question, the cost of 0300 numbers? Is it free to call?

Let’s see.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call on 0300 Numbers?

It is important to note that 0300 numbers are not classified as freephone numbers but there are no extra charges applied to call this dialing code.

However, if you have free minutes included with your mobile or landline package or free call to landlines at a certain time of day, you can use these deals to call a 0300 phone number.

0300 from a mobile network No extra cost if you have free call packages, else you need to pay standard mobile network charges.
0300 from landline No extra cost if you have a free minutes bundle pack, else need to pay standard landline charges.

Remember that all ‘03 numbers’ work in the same manner and cost at your usual network rate. Whether you call 0300 from mobile phones or landlines, it is treated as any other geographical number but without being connected to any physical location.

Therefore, this is an ideal number for government and charitable organizations with locations around the country.

Part 2: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers From Your Mobile?

What if you don’t have any free minutes on your phone? Well, then you will be charged per minute.

However, as we mentioned above it will be the same cost as calling 01, 02, and any similar code. Basically, it depends on your phone network which could be Vodafone, Virgin, Tesco, EE, etc.

Here is the list of costs of 0300 numbers, which you can expect to pay while making a call from your mobile sorted by the provider:

Mobile Network Price Per Minute
Three Mobile 3p Per Minute
Delight Mobile 3p Per Minute
GT Mobile 3p Per Minute
Tello 3p Per Minute
Simple Call Mobile 4p Per Minute
Talkxtra 7p Per Minute
ASDA Mobile 8p Per Minute
Family Mobile 8p Per Minute
Freedomtalk 8p Per Minute
iCard Mobile 8p Per Minute
OVIVO Mobile 8p Per Minute
Sainsbury’s 8p Per Minute
TalkMobile Essentials 8p Per Minute
Tesco Lite 8p Per Minute
The Co-operative Mobile 8p Per Minute
Virgin Mobile Simply 8p Per Minute
Kontakt Mobile 9p Per Minute
Afri Mobile 10p Per Minute
DiDa Mobile 10p Per Minute
Econet 10p Per Minute
Giffgaff 10p Per Minute
Lomo Mobile 10p Per Minute
Now Mobile 10p Per Minute
Talk Home Mobile 10p Per Minute
Banana Mobile 14p Per Minute
C Mobile 14p Per Minute
RSPCA Mobile 14p Per Minute
Allpay Mobile 15p Per Minute
LycaMobile 15p Per Minute
Lebara Mobile 19p Per Minute
Donate Mobile 20p Per Minute
Orange 25p Per Minute
TalkMobile Rewards 25p Per Minute
Tesco Mobile 25p Per Minute
Virgin Mobile 26p Per Minute
EE 30p Per Minute
T-Mobile 30p Per Minute
Vodafone 30p Per Minute
O2 35p Per Minute
Tru 36p Per Minute

Part 3: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers From Your Landline?

If you don’t have any free call on your landline at any given time, then you will be charged per minute as per your network application. However, as we mentioned above it will be the same cost as calling 01, 02, and any similar code.

Here are few 03 service provider list of costs, which you can expect to pay while making a call to 0300 numbers from your landline sorted by the provider:

Virgin Media 12p/m
BT 12p/m + 21p set up charges
Sky 9.5p/m
TalkTalk 13.5p/m

After getting 0300 number costs of mobile providers and landline services, you must be thinking about what is the use of  0300? Who uses it and why?

Curious to know? Then let’s begin.

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Part 4: Who Are 0300 Numbers For?

Individuals or private businesses don’t use these virtual numbers. Only public bodies and charitable trusts can use 0300.

The reason behind 03 use by only non-profit businesses are very simple:

1. Good for your callers

Your callers will get charged as 01 and 02 numbers with their inclusive minute package.

2. Free set up and connections:

03 line set up and the connection is free of charge.

3. No Annual Charge:

When you buy 0300, you will have a choice to select a basic or advanced package of the mobile service provider. So you have to pay accordingly.

4. Security deposit:

You don’t have to pay any advances as a security deposit.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that 0300 numbers cost nothing or little from both mobile or landline networks. So, this number won’t be a barrier for potential volunteers or donors from calling you.

Moreover, once you purchase your 03 number, you will receive all the support from the network provider. You can enjoy many features depending on your chosen package from standard, advance to professional bundle.

If you need any assistance or information while choosing 0300 numbers or need help to purchase a suitable package, you can contact cNumber without giving a second thought. We will guide you to get the best and cost-effective 0300 services.