How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers?

0300 numbers are Non-geographic UK numbers used by non-profitable companies and charity organizations. These numbers are easy to recognize and the cost of 0300 numbers is also very cheap.

0300 call charges are the same as standard call costs of 01 and 02. However, these numbers can automatically get included in the inclusive minutes’ package of mobile or landline. So, a caller can contact 0300 numbers at a more reasonable price.

If we talk about the cost of 0300 numbers, then the biggest advantage of having 0300 is you can assuredly get calls from abroad using the +44 prefix.

Now you must be thinking, are 0300 numbers free from mobiles?

Let’s find it.

Part 1: Are 0300 Numbers Free to call?

Certainly, you can have free calls. But as per Ofcom’s law, 0300 is not free to call. 0300 numbers have not been marked as free call allowance numbers.

So 0300 numbers are not free. These numbers get charged as per the usual network rate and this rate is applicable for both landline and mobile.

To get free calls on 0300 you have to buy an inclusive free minutes package from your network service providers.

So what is the cost of 0300 numbers?

Part 2: 0300 Numbers Call Cost

As we have discussed earlier, 0300 is used by charitable trusts, non-profit companies, and government organizations. So once you choose your 0300 number, then 0300 call charges will be applicable as per Ofcom rates.

Before moving forward to discuss 0300 costs, we need to focus on Ofcom’s cost set up for 0300 numbers:

The 0300 numbers cost structure set by Ofcom:

0300 numbers cost

Callers pay The cost to call on 0300 numbers is applicable by phone providers’ standard UK regional rates with an inclusive minutes plan.
Inbound call charge 2p Per Minute
Advanced Service     Basic Charges starts with 40p Per Minute (Price get vary with service providers)
Basic Service No need to pay more than geographic numbers
Setup / connection   Free
Annual charge           Free
Security deposit        Not Applicable
VAT, caller cost assumes dialed from the national carrier. Just like BT, EE, etc.

Now ready to look into basic call charges of 0300 are:

Basic Call Charges Of 0300

0300 cost Typical charge within the UK Included in bundles and allowances
Landline 15p to 16p per minute Select specific days, or evenings, or weekends from provider’s bundle plan
Mobile 55p per minute Usually

Now, here mobile charges are also differentiated by inside and outside contracted landline minutes allowance. These mobile costs for 0300 vary with a provider to provider.

Cost To Call 0300 Numbers From Your Mobile

Provider Inside Contracted Landline Minutes Allowance Outside Contracted Landline Minutes Allowance
Delight Mobile Free 3p per minute
Three Mobile Free 3p per minute
ASDA Mobile Free 8p per minute
GiffGaff Free 10p per minute
LycaMobile Free 15p per minute
Lebara Mobile Free 19p per minute
Tesco Mobile Free 25p per minute
Virgin Mobile Free 30p per minute
Vodafone Free 30p per minute
EE Free 30p per minute
O2 Free 35p per minute

With moving forward to know 0300 calls charged for landline by various providers:

Cost To Call 0300 Numbers From Your Landline

Provider Approximate Peak Cost
Sky 9.5p per minute
Virgin Media 12p per minute
BT 12p per minute + 21p set up charges
TalkTalk 13.5p per minute

So, these were the 0300 call charges.

Do you know why people choose 0300 numbers? What is the purpose of using these numbers?

Well, there are many reasons listed below.

Part 3: Why Choose an 0300 Number?

  • Call cost of 0300 numbers are the same as to an 01 or 02 number
  • The UK mobile and landline call bundles include default call costs for 03 numbers.
  • You can use 03 numbers in replacement of 0800 and freephone numbers.
  • 0300 is an NGN number. So it helps your business to represent a national presence.
  • These numbers are virtual, so if you move office yet you can use the same number.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up the topic, how much does it cost to call 0300 numbers? We have discussed all the basic costs of 0300 numbers for landline and mobile applied by mobile service providers.

In contrast, we have also discussed that you can get free minutes to call 0300 with specific bundles of providers.

Well, if you want to choose your business number smartly then you can also ask for help from cNumbers – UK’s most leading NGN service provider. The company also offers 0300 numbers at a reliable cost. You can find the best deals over there.