How Much Do 0370 Numbers Cost to Call on Three?

Are you looking for what 0370 numbers cost Three offers its customers? And what are the charges for calling these numbers from outside the UK?

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Part 1: Are Calls to 0370 Numbers Free on Three?

No, 0370 numbers are not free to call on Three, neither are they premium-rate numbers.

0370 numbers are the non-geographic numbers of the UK. Hence, they are charged at the standard rates of the local numbers with prefixes 01 and 02.

These numbers are not free to call unless someone has free-minutes included in their contract or provided by a tariff.

It is a good idea to always look into the offers Three provides when buying a 0370 number for yourself. This will be helpful for saving money on calls. It also goes a long way especially for users who intend to make frequent calls.

It is possible that a tariff provides free calls to landlines for certain hours or certain days of the week. Moreover, a user may get inclusive calls or bundled minutes which cover calls to 0370 numbers. If the user uses these offers, he can cut off extra calling costs.

Having free minutes or offers by Three depend on the individual call package which the user selects.

Part 2: How Much Does It Cost to Call a 0370 Number on Three?

Calling 0370 numbers may be unfamiliar with many people, however, these numbers are on an increasing use in the UK.

0370 numbers offer a better deal to users as compared to other more commonly known non-geographic numbers. The cost of calling 0370 numbers on Three depends on the call package that the user avails.

Three offers different packages to its users. These include the Pay monthly package and Pay As You Go plan. Further, for older customers, Three has a business plan for calls.

For calling 0370 numbers on Three, the rules are straightforward. A user subscribing to the monthly Three package enjoys inclusive minutes allowed per month for calls without any extra charge.

However, if a user does not has free minutes then a rate of 3 pence per minute is charged.

Outside of allowance, charges to 0370 numbers to UK landlines, mobiles, and Three Voicemail can amount to 55p per minute.

Three offers add-ons to its users to utilize in case they use up all of their data for a month. These add-ons can boost their allowances to get to the end of the month.

Part 3: What Is the Cost of Calling 0370 Numbers Outside of the UK on Three?

Three offers good opportunities for users who are expected to make international calls. The users having a contract with Three do not have international calls included in their monthly


The cost of calling to 0370 numbers depends on the country a user is calling.

The provider offers a Go Roam package for roaming the international calls. This makes it easy for users who already avail services from Three. The Add International Saver Add-on provides users with extra minutes to call abroad.

To access cheaper rates for calling abroad, Three provides a three-digit code to its users. This code needs to be entered before calling the number.

Terms and conditions apply to this offer by the provider. However, once someone avails it, they can enjoy the rates as lower as 3p per minute.

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Wrapping Up

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