How Much Does It Cost to Call 0844 Numbers on Vodafone?

If you don’t know the difference between ordinary/landline and business phone numbers, then it’s not possible to figure out where you are getting calls from.

Even, in order to get one, you first have to understand the terms and conditions along with the charges in order to rest assured about how they will charge you.

Part 1: Are 0844 Numbers Free to call on Vodafone?

Basically, 0844 numbers are available for the residents of the UK to be used as sales hotlines. What makes these Vodafone 0844 numbers different from others is the charges whose large proportion is paid by the customers (you) who call them.

Unlike standard-rate numbers, having 01, 02 or 03 prefixes, you will have to think twice before getting 0844 from Vodafone.

You cannot expect to receive all the features and facilities of 0844 numbers on Vodafone for free since these are special numbers intended for organizational use i.e. for sales and other enquiries.

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0844 Numbers on Vodafone

Precisely, 0844 numbers Vodafone are usually for organizational purposes that are available for everyone to call them at the time of need. But, do you know how much these numbers will cost? How much do you have to pay to use them?

Well, the service provider will charge in two ways:

Access Charge

First of all, you will have to bear access charges, which is the cost per minute from the network provider. When it comes to 0844 numbers cost Vodafone, be sure to pay 55 pence per minute, which is literally one of the lowest prices among other service providers.

Service Charge

The second type is referred to as a service charge that is based on your call. It has nothing to do with your service provider i.e. Vodafone; rather, it is associated with the company you are calling to.

They are responsible to provide information about service charges so that everything will remain clear right from the beginning.

For instance, if 0844 costs Vodafone 55p for a minute, the organization might set service charges at 20p per minute, including the access charges of the company.

Other than that, here is the summary of how Vodafone used to charge its users:

Type of Tariff Access Charge/Minute (In Pence) Service Charge/Minute (In Pence) Total Cost/Minute (In Pence)
Landline 11 7 18
Vodafone as you go 45 7 52
Monthly mobile customers 55 7 62

Change in Service Charges by Ofcom

Since 0844 numbers are intended for customer assistance on sales or other aspects, the charges are different from what you might have to pay while calling to other numbers.

With their costs divided into two parts i.e. access and service charge, you will have to figure out how much money would one call take before dialing their number.

Ofcom, the regulator of communication services in the UK, has explained the extent to which network providers can go and charge their customers.

Vodafone and other service providers are liable to follow the instructions and fix their charges within the following range:

  • Access Charge: From 8p to 65p per minute
  • Service Charge: From 0p to 7p per minute

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Part 3: Where Can I Get My 0844 Numbers?

After getting to know about Vodafone 0844 charges, the next important question is where to get it from?

Since these numbers are non-geographic and cater to calls across the UK, you can get an easy-to-memorize number from a trusted network provider.

All you have to do is to figure out the extent of your usage, find a reliable service provider, and choose an appropriate plan.

With this number, you are rest assured about enjoying the following benefits:

  • Cater to more queries cost-effectively
  • Strong national presence
  • Can work for the rest of your life, thereby saving you from stationary changes
  • Opportunity to get different numbers of different organizational projects to monitor their ROI

Wrapping Up

With all the information at hand, you can easily come up with the decision of whether to get 0844 from Vodafone and from where. Not only will it help to improve customer experience but will also keep you safe from changing numbers over and over again.