How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0844 number?

Have you ever wondered about the essence of 0844 numbers? Or what 0844 cost to use them? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

These numbers are non-geographical numbers generating revenues for companies or organisations. These are locally used in the UK for the purpose of their business.

Part 1: Are 0844 Numbers free to call?

The special numbers like 0844 numbers are generally used by commercial industries and companies for business use, hence these numbers are not free and have a sustainable cost to be borne.

These numbers are non-geographical numbers generating revenues for companies or organising.

Part 2: How much Does It Cost to Call an 0844 Number?

The 0844 charges can be categorised into two. The two charges namely are:

  1. Access charge: The cost charged for connecting the calls and indicates the cost per minute or cost per call; charged.
  2. Service charge: This is the cost charged for the service provided other than connection charges, like various plans offered. This price varies from company to company as each company has different rates.

The services include post-sale services, ticket booking, travel booking, and monthly schemes or plans as well.

              The Charges            0844 Numbers Cost
             Access Charge             The cost ranges from 8paise to 65paise per minute
             Service Charge               The cost ranges between

0            paise to 7paise per minute.

2.1: Calling 0844 Number from Landline:

The cost of 0844-number is generally high but affordable. However, it is cheaper, compared to mobile devices.

Various companies have their independent charges but generally it charges around 7paise to 30 paise per minute. The average cost in places like BT is 12.5 paise per minute.

2.2: Calling 0844 Number from Mobile:

If you are calling 0844 number from any mobile device, you better be rich as it costs a fortune for people to afford the rate. The cost starts at 20 paise per minute and can go as high as 80 paise per minute.

The average cost is 25 paise per minute, i.e. twice the charge of landline.

                  Mode of Calling:              Average Cost:
                     Landline                12.5p per minute
                      Mobile                  25p per minute

Additionally, 7p per call is also charged.

However, broadbands often come with various schemes or plans which may benefit the calling rates for people. There are many pay monthly plans which allow people to use free minutes for selective calls.

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Part 3: What Kind of Services Do 0844 Numbers provide and Is Used for?

The 0844 number is a premium number which is most expensive after numbers beginning from 09.

The 0844 numbers are used worldwide, like the United Kingdom; where maximum business companies or organisations use the number for local use as their primary number.

It provides services like, conference calls, ticket booking, event tickets booking.

It is often used for services like advertising, as customers are brought to notice about the charges which automatically acts as a promotion. Whenever customers call, after disconnecting the message pops up on their screens stating,

“_ Paise per minute charged from the number 0844……”

To use these numbers, the companies generally require, to buy them using the desired steps and with certain terms and conditions. They are not found locally and generally; companies are denied access to these numbers for sales of post nature.

These numbers often come with free monthly charges rate and are a revenue-generating number. It generates revenue in the form of rebates varying from 4p -6p per minute in the UK.

Part 4: Difference between 0844 and 0800 Numbers

There exists a different set of numbers 0800 which is a freephone number, from both telephone and mobile devices.

These numbers act as an excellent marketing tool for newly built-up companies as there are no charges to be paid and customers are free to call any number of times and to any place in the UK.

However, these numbers are free of cost but also any number starting from 08 is chargeable in the UK.

The major point of difference between 0800 and 0844 numbers is that 0800 are free of cost whereas 0844 are chargeable, that too at a very high rate.

The 0844 numbers are not suitable for new companies, as no customer would bear the cost to call on such numbers at a point when companies possess no identity in the market or are a growing company.

Another difference is that 0800 adds value to a company’s reputation and size in the market whereas 0844 gets the disadvantage here, as the high charges act as a demotivation for users.

Also, the 0800 are also used by government officials, helplines, charitable organisations as well as many big and reputed companies in the UK whereas 0844 number is not used by any charitable or government officials at all.

The 0800 helps to create a national presence, as it operates worldwide, whereas 0844 generally is restricted to the UK itself.

Many organisations use this number for money-making, as the number at times connects to a third party other than the company or organisation which generates automatic revenue.

This creates a huge security risk among the users as third parties get access to the call recordings whereas such kind of act is not possible with 0800 as these are free phone numbers, and are risk-free.

Wrapping Up

From the above information, we can form an overview of the advantages and disadvantages relating to 0844 cost and services charged in the UK. The number acts as an advantage to companies as it generates revenue for them as they charge a dual-rate for them.

It is also a non-geographical number which acts as an advantage as its rates are fixed and incoming is free of cost, generating income.

However, the 0844 numbers are highly unpopular among the users due to the charges, as well as security risk followed by it. If you are also looking forward to getting an 0844 number, you can get it from cNumber.