What Type of Companies and Organisations Use 0808 Numbers?

Are you looking for what type of companies and organizations use 0808 numbers? Do you want to know what benefits this number holds and whether it is the best choice for your business? This reading will give you a complete insight into these questions.

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Part 1: Companies and Organizations That Use 0808 Numbers

Introduced in 1997, 0808 numbers are basically the freephone numbers which the users can call without any charge. These numbers are free of charge on both mobile and telephone landlines in the UK.

Various companies and organizations make use of these non-geographic numbers. These include the Government Services (UK Government) and the Customer services (BT). Charity organizations, hospitals, and universities also use the 0808 numbers.

These organizations prefer using 0808 numbers because their main goal is to help the callers. These organizations aim at providing them maximum services instead of making money over calls. It does not matter whether the caller is a customer or a UK citizen.

Part 2: Why Organizations Use 0808 Numbers?

The most important reason for organizations using 0808 numbers is that these numbers are free for the users to call. This is important for a business in many respects.

Generally, when calling a phone line, people tend to get off the call earlier to avoid big call bills. This is natural but it doesn’t prove to be very useful for both the caller and the one being called.

With 0808 numbers, users can call organizations free of cost if they have any query, complaint, or feedback. Since there is no cost charged, customers spend more time on call and get off only when they are satisfied.

This pays well for organizations since better calling experience with customers results in a better reputation of the organization. The customers get their problems solved which increases their trust in the business or organizations.

The fact that an organization uses 0808 numbers for contacting is sufficient to prove its authenticity. This makes the organizations pay for calls instead of the callers, earning them a positive reputation among people.

With longer calls and better feedback from customers, organizations improve themselves.  They overcome the flaws or problems that generally people complain of. Therefore, the use of 0808 numbers by an organization improves its performance.

Organizations can improve their Public Relations through improved relationships with customers. This is possible through better contact with customers, which is assured with 0808 numbers.

People hesitating in making calls due to expensive charges don’t hesitate with organizations using 0808 numbers. 

Another reason why organizations use 0808 numbers is the non-geographic nature of the number. Organizations and businesses that operate country-wide instead of one location prefer using such numbers.

It is easier for the customers to contact these organizations from any part of the country without any charges. Moreover, being a non-geographic number, organizations can use one 0808 number for their primary contact purposes. 

Also, the customers don’t need to stock on different numbers from the same organization hence making it easy for them to contact. In the case of relocation organizations can keep using the same number.

Part 3: What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of 0808 Numbers?

The 0808 numbers that allow the organizations to pay for calls made from customers hold many positives and negatives in them, specifically for organizations.


The benefits of the 0808 numbers can be summarized as:

  • For customers, these numbers are free-phone numbers, therefore, they cost nothing to make a call. A user can call organizations on these numbers for as long as they want without worrying about the increasing bill.
  • The satisfaction of customers from organizations increases with effective communication, where organizations help customers with their queries.
  • The 0808 numbers make an organization improve its performance by acting upon the feedback received from a greater number of users.
  • Organizations offering 0808 numbers earn trust from users that they aim to help customers and not earn money off calls. This also results in a positive reputation for the organizations.
  • The organizations can improve their PR through the use of free-phone numbers.
  • The non-geographic nature of 0808 numbers allows the organizations to offer a single contact number irrespective of their area of operation. This helps with attracting more customers to contact.
  • Upon relocation of centers, organizations do not need to change their contact numbers rather the same contact number can be used.


With benefits come some drawbacks of the 0808 numbers for organizations. These include:

  • For organizations, they have to pay for all calls that are being made. This includes not only a greater number of calls but also a longer duration of each call. This can be pricey for some organizations and even unaffordable. It is always suggested to look into prices before getting a 0808 number for yourself.
  • Another big drawback of 0808 numbers is that in some cases these numbers are not free for customers. Many phone companies still have not implemented the free-phone number rules on 0808 numbers, therefore charge users for calls.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Using 0808 Numbers?

0808 numbers are the free-phone non-geographic numbers for the callers. Therefore, they do not cost a penny to the one who is making the call. However, the organizations that use the 0808 numbers have to pay for the costs of the calls being made.

When calling from abroad, a good chance scenario is that the local phone company does not let the call through. This is possible even upon using the international calling code of the UK, which is +44. 

Another scenario in which the company allows the call through may involve higher and unknown call charges.

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Part 5: How to Buy 0808 Numbers for Your Business?

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Wrapping Up

0808 numbers are the free-phone numbers that cost the caller nothing to make a call. You can get a 0808 number for your business if you believe it works for you. You can grab a 0808 cNumber of your choice as soon as you want!