A Wide Range of Virtual Numbers

Whether you are a small scale start-up business or a well-established organization, cNumber has custom-fit solutions that map the needs of all. Here we provide you with both local and international telephone numbers to connect and engage with your customers.

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Impressive Pack of Features

Hailed as one of the best virtual phones in the UK, cNumber has all kinds of features such as voicemail transcription, call recording, unlimited calling, SMS service, VoIP service and many more are available for use.

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Users of Our Virtual Phone Numbers


The use of a virtual phone number is not limited to business. Individuals who are frequent travelers can also use to remain in touch with their clients and customers.

Small Businesses

Virtual phone numbers add credibility to your venture, improve your brand reputation and market presence.

Large Scale Enterprises

Having dedicated phone numbers enables businesses to grow globally and make it easy to run your business overseas.

cNumber's Users Reviews

cNumber phone service eliminates the need to be present at the office and adds convenience when interacting with my clients. It makes my work more flexible!

Emma, UK

My customers used to face issues of busy lines, call wait time and unanswered calls. After using cNumber virtual phone numbers, it gives me the ease to embed automated responses within the phone lines and never miss customer communication.

James, UK

Its advanced features reduce all the hassles and make the business communication process more friendly and streamlined. This is really great!

Olivia, UK

This service improves the quality of engagement with my clients. Now my clients are very satisfied with the call experience. I really like its features provided.

Mason, UK

Why Choose cNumber?

As a cloud-based VoIP phone service provider, cNumber has all the features needed to set up a virtual phone system within the business and organization. The solution provided is affordable and offers ease of usage to its customers.

Advanced Security Encryption
Flexibility of Service
Data Accessibility
Unified Communication
Stay Connected 24/7

Other Advanced Features

  • 100% customization of VoIP phone service
  • Forward any incoming business call to any of the devices/systems
  • Call queuing puts an incoming call in the queue rather than miss it completely
  • Enables a business to create multiple extensions of the same number
  • IVR enables a business to set-up a self-service portal for the customers
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