What Types of Companies And Organizations Use 0333 Numbers?

A special feature of 0333 numbers is that they are non-geographic i.e. not connected with any region or area across the UK. These are the alternative numbers to the traditional landlines which were location-specific different numbers of different area codes.

These numbers are available in landline numbers only. However, they are charged the same as calling the usual 01 or 02 landline numbers. Such features make the 0333 number favorable by many companies.

Many companies trust having 0333 numbers. But, the question here arises: what are those companies? Let’s find out:

Part 1: Types of Companies And Organizations Use 0333 Numbers

Government Bodies

Government departments prefer to use 0333 numbers because they get calls from all over the UK. It is less chaotic for the callers to know a single number rather than a bunch of numbers for different areas.

Medium to Large Scale Organisations

Big companies have customers from all over the UK. So, it is beneficial for them to promote a single number to their customers. Customers won’t feel hesitant to call 0333 numbers which have a national presence for their help.

Large Registered Charities

The donors donate from all over the UK hence registered charities also use 0333 area code as a single point of contact for the donors.

So, now that we know what all companies use 0333 code. Let’s learn about why they prefer these numbers.

Part 2: Benefits of Using 0333 Numbers

Call routing

Large companies usually keep many call centers to resolve customers’ queries. So, the call is redirected to the customer’s nearest available center. So, call routing helps the organization to keep the centers connected and can redirect calls to any destination.

Easy communication

It is difficult and chaotic to promote multiple locations’ telephone numbers as then they have to publicize different phone numbers for different areas. But, they can advertise a single national area code 0333 to multiple locations.

Flexible charging policy

The 0333 numbers are different from standard landline numbers. So, the organizations can have their charging arrangements. Television and radio charge premium rates to generate revenue. Big corporations keep their rates similar to usual calls to home or business landline.

Attract more calls

These numbers can cost up to 20p/m if you call from your mobile network. As these are charged as per normal rates, customers will be less hesitant to call.

Location neutrality

Mostly, local companies use region-specific numbers, but, when it comes to large organizations, they prefer non-geographic numbers such as 0333 to avoid restricting themselves to any particular region. However, these numbers needn’t be changed when they relocate or expand into a different area.


Even when damage or fault occurs non-geographic numbers can redirect their incoming calls to an alternative location. So, the call doesn’t go unreachable at such uncalled times.

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Wrapping Up

It must be clear that 0333 numbers are not area-specific codes and there is a single contact number. You also know who is using these numbers so now you have a sense of credibility in your mind as these numbers are used by big organizations.

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