What Are 0844 Numbers?

What are the 0844 numbers? Have you ever seen numbers starting with 0844 in your local advertisements? Do you wonder what companies and organizations use such a peculiar number and what is the significance of these numbers?

If you want to know more about 0844 numbers, you have landed at the right place!

This article will describe what these numbers are in their entirety. These numbers are non-geographical in nature and are used by various telemarketing and telesales companies in order to reach out to their customers.

The article will give a brief introduction to 0844 numbers, explore what type of organizations use this number, explain the significance and benefits of using these numbers, and look at a few FAQs to clarify any ambiguity.

Part 1: What are the 0844 numbers?

0844 numbers are not your regular telephone numbers. These numbers are not locally placed anywhere on the map of the UK which invariably means that these are not number codes related to a certain geographic area.

These are non-geographic in nature and are not restricted to any specific location. On the other hand, these numbers are native to the UK, so these numbers are generally used by businesses in the UK.

0840 numbers are dually charged and allow the businesses to shift the cost of communications from the shoulders of their organization onto the customer. Therefore, calling on these numbers are often costly to the customers.

Interestingly, these numbers are used by businesses to generate extra revenue for providing telephonic assistance to the customers. It’s a perfect way for the business to create bonds with their customers by being readily available for service at the expense of the consumer.

Part 2: What type of companies & organizations use 0844 numbers?

Several businesses have embraced the 0844 numbers for streamlining their communication with the customers. The most common of these companies are listed below:

Call centers and Customer care hotlines

These are the organizations that give customer support on rent for other companies. These organizations have telephonic communication as their main source of business. Hence, the usage of 0844 numbers goes a long way in the normal day-to-day working of these companies.

Telephonic Entertainment Providers

The organizations that use telephonic communication as a source to provide entertainment services to its subjects and therefore, earn revenue through the offering of these services.

These organizations include a wide array of service providers such as tarot card reading, online dating telephone lines, and adult services as well.


Making sales through the phone has always been a popular way of selling things. The telemarketer organizations gather information on the statistics of sales in a given region and then proceed to make their sales through the phone numbers given to them.

Part 3: Why Choose the 0844 Numbers?

There are extensive advantages associated with the usage of these numbers such as:

  • These are not associated with any specific territory of the UK which means you can easily relocate or open offices at multiple locations but provide the same helpline number to the customers. This makes it easier for the customers to remember your hotline number.
  • These numbers add a tinge of professionalism and maturity to your business ventures. They are corporate numbers that show the customers that you are serious in your customer-oriented matters.
  • The charges incurred on these numbers directly add to the revenue stream of the business. They help the business grow, gain extra cash, and extend their approach to better services as well.
  • All the businesses that are dependent on the telephonic communications for their propagation are advised to use this number, as they relieve the business owners from paying the extra charges for these telephonic communications.

How to get a 0844 Number?

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Part 4: FAQs

  1. Can I call 0844 numbers free from mobile?

No, you can not call these numbers free from mobile. it will charge you about 2.5pence per minute to call these numbers. These rates are further changeable, depending upon the number provider and the cost the service owner is asking for.

  1. Are 0844 numbers still legal?

These numbers are highly regulated by the government. Their usage is prohibited if it is a post-sales scenario. However, during the process of inquiries and pre-sales, these numbers are allowed to be used on the basis that it incentivizes the customers to take action.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0844 Numbers on Vodafone?

Vodafone will cost around 55pence per minute for this call. This is in addition to the charges imposed by the owner company of the number.

This is the least charge that might be done by Vodafone, however, the charges fluctuate depending upon your subscribed package at the time of the call.

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  1. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0844 Numbers on Three?

Whatever package that you may be subscribed to, it will always cost 45 pence to make 0844 calls on Three. This is the base rate, in which the additional rate as set by the owner of the company will be added.

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  1. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0844 Numbers on EE?

It costs 40pence per minute in case of EE, and this will be again, in addition to the charges as set by the owner of the number.

Wrapping Up

If you are a business owner, whose business requires a huge volume of telephonic communication with the customers, then changing your number to a 0844 code will be advantageous to you.

These numbers are non-geographical and have high rates that are actually imposed on the customer, rather than the business owner. These points make their usage an optimum solution to the financial worries that are known as communication costs.

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