How much Do 0800 Number Cost to Call?

0800 numbers are UK non-geographic telephone numbers. While calling 0800 number, the caller is not charged for the call but the receiver is charged. 

In simple words, calling 0800 from UK telephones is free of cost and it is free for only the caller. Moreover, the cost can change according to different factors such as the caller’s location. 

Therefore, if you are searching for the cost of 0800 numbers and want to know about 0800 numbers, then don’t worry this article will tell you about the cost of calling 0800 numbers and the cost of 0800 numbers from a landline.

Part 1: Are 0800 Numbers Free to Call?

The 0800 number is “free to call” from the UK based landline or mobile phone. This number has been free to call since 1st July 2015. 

In July, Ofcom introduced a latest program known as “UK calling”. It means if you are calling 0800 numbers from any mobile network, then you don’t need to pay any charges. Before July 2015, calling a UK 0800 number was not free from the mobile network. 

The cost can vary according to a number of factors like:

  • Where is the incoming call being redirected to (from mobile phone or landline)?
  • Where did the call originate (from mobile phone or landline)?

Part 2: Cost to Call 0800 Numbers

Freephone 0800 numbers ought not to be mistaken for different numbers in the 08 territories, which do cause a charge.

0800 numbers are utilized by an assortment of organizations and businesses, including altruistic associations, taxpayer-supported organizations, and monetary establishments just as organizations searching for another approach to pull in clients.

An assortment of contextual analyses has indicated that clients are bound to call an organization that gives a 0800 freephone number.

2.1: Cost to call 0800 Numbers from Landline

The purpose for the ascent of the 0800 numbers ubiquity is down to the way that this number is a free-telephone number from UK landlines and mobiles. This means, if a client calls a 0800 number, they are sheltered in the information that they won’t be charged a penny.

Not at all like different business prefixes that could convey charges, are 0800 numbers never charged to the client. In answer to the inquiry at that point, what amount do 0800 expense from landlines? Nothing, they are free in every case.

2.2: Cost to call 0800 Numbers from Mobile Phones

Provider Inside contracted landline minutes allowance Outside contracted landline minutes allowance
ASDA Mobile Free Free
Delight Mobile Free Free
EE Free Free
GiffGaff Free Free
Lebara Mobile Free Free
LycaMobile Free Free
O2 Free Free
Tesco Mobile Free Free
Three Mobile Free Free
Virgin Mobile Free Free
Vodafone Free Free


The UK’s mobile controller Ofcom has reported that calls to freephone numbers will at long last be liberated from cell phones.

Calls to Freephone ‘0800 and 0808’ numbers are liberated from a landline, anyway calling these numbers from a cell phone has ordinarily brought about charges.

Phone numbers utilizing the 0800 prefix – you can purchase 0800 numbers from our cNumber site also – are non-geographical numbers, or ‘NGNs’, this implies the phone number is normalized over the UK and unaffected by the guest’s area at the hour of calling.

From 2015 July, in what Ofcom CEO Sharon White is calling “the greatest changes to calls in longer than 10 years”, making a call to a freephone 0800 number will currently cost nothing.

Part 3: Find out more about 0800 numbers

The 0800 number prefix is a business-explicit configuration that has ascended in prominence since the time of its initiation. The configuration was first presented during the 1980s as a major aspect of the number of deficiencies experienced over the UK. 

Quick development in both the broadcast communications segment, and the development of independent companies, implied another framework must be formulated.

Before being presented, numerous business calls were made using telephone administrators and diverted. As request detonated, the 0800 number was gotten to adapt to the ever-changing necessities of the British Open.

A non-geological configuration, 0800 numbers are not normal for neighborhood numbers, as they are not attached to a particular area. The prefix got well known with organizations working on a national scale and remains so right up ’til the present time.

Part 4: How to Get 0800 number for your Business?

Do you need only a fundamental 0800 number where you can advance approaches to your landline or portable? Or on the other hand, would you favor a premium or significant 0800 number to enable your business to stick out and make it simpler for clients to recall?

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Part 5: FAQs

Q1: What Country Code Is 0800?

0800 is a prefix of the UK area code. 

Q2: What Are 0800 Numbers Used for?

0800 numbers are used for sales lines or marketing where the strategy is to attract clients to call you.

Q3: How Do I Set Up an 0800 Number?

If you want to get this number then you need to contact a telecommunications provider. They will set this up for you.

Q4: Can I Call 0800 Numbers from Abroad?

Yes, you can call 0800 number from abroad, but you will be charged international rates. 

Q5: What Are UK Free Phone Numbers?

The UK freephone numbers are dedicated phone numbers that permit callers to reach your business without being charged. Due to dial code, these hotlines are famous as freephone numbers or UK 0800 numbers. 


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