0151 Area Code

When you call someone on their landline, you always have to add the area code. Else the call doesn’t get through. Have you ever wondered why the 0151 area code is necessary? Well in this article hopefully we will be able to sort out all your doubts. 

Area codes are an important aspect of knowing proper communication via phones. You can call a certain person in a certain area properly if you know the right area code for them. 

Part 1: Where Is 0151 Area Code?

0151 area code is a 3 digit landline dialing code (barring the zero) utilized in broadcast communications for the Liverpool zone. This dialing code crosses the districts of Merseyside and Cheshire in the North West Region of the UK

The neighborhood phone numbers inside the 0151 are 7 digits in length. Before the sixteenth April 1995 which was known as Phone day, the government changed phone territory codes by embedding a 1 towards the start. 

Phone day brought a more systemic change towards landline communications within the UK. The Liverpool code was 051. After that, it became 0151. Now, if you ever want to call someone in Liverpool, this is the area code you should utilize. 

Do you know that the most notable memory aide code for the 0151 regions was L1? 

The primary character is taken from the letter L in Liverpool. On an old turning dial phone, this was entered by dialing the numbers 5 and 1. Thus, you now know that the 0151 area code is utilized for calling any landline based on a Liverpool phone number.

Part 2: Dialling 0151 Area Code In the UK

Dialing the 0151 area code in the UK is simple and depends upon the communications company. One can either dial from a British telecom landline or from a Virgin or any other landline company. 

You can easily dial any landline number by adding the 0151 area code with the number from your mobile if you are outside of the Liverpool area in the UK. However, you don’t need to dial the area code when you are in the Liverpool zone.

All telecommunication companies have good plans to help you dial the desired area code of the number you want. The 0151 area code also includes many subtypes within it. They are also part of the Liverpool telephone number system. 

Part 3: Dialling 0151 Area Code From Abroad

Calling the 0151 dialing code from outside of the UK requires the caller to follow a few rules. Here are the simple steps to dial the 0151 area code from abroad: 

  • First, check what the international access code for calling on international numbers is i.e. 00 or 011. This changes nation to nation.
  • After the international code, dial the UK nation code (44) and the region code without the underlying zero (151).  
  • Then you input the phone number of the person you know who is indeed living in Liverpool, then done! 

The format of the number will look like: 00 44 151 XXX XXXX. You can now call with ease and without worry!

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 0151 Number

0151 numbers are standard landline numbers, which means they are either free or cheaper to call. It also depends upon the comprehensive minutes’ plan which you may have obtained from your telephone supplier. 

At the point when you call a 0151 telephone number, you are calling what is classed as a standard geographic telephone number. All telephone numbers that start from the 0151 zone code will be charged equivalent to some other 01 or 02 landline numbers.

As a rule, the cost of calling the 0151 area code is 10p -12p (up to 13 pence) every moment during the day when calling from a landline.

On the other hand, costs to call from a cell phone are 5p – 55p every moment depending upon the type of subscriber. It is a very advantageous choice to keep such numbers for businesses or companies. 

In spite of the fact, that these numbers will typically be assigned to fixed landline phones in the Liverpool locale. They are utilized by many organizations or administrations with no physical association with the region. 

So, depending upon the subscriber or the type of number your call cost can vary from 5 to 70 pence per minute.


It is very profitable for businesses and individuals based in Liverpool to have a 0151 area code. It shows your local presence in the area and boosts your business.

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