01752 Area Code

If you want to establish your business in Plymouth even from outside of the local area, the 01752 area code is your best deal.

With 01752 phone connections, your local customers will think that you are locally available whenever they need you. Such things help to build your business awareness and trust among the local consumers.

So, if you are planning to buy an area code 01752 in the UK, this article will guide you with everything you need to know about this code.

Part 1: Where Is the 01752 Area Code?

The 01752 dialing code is used as a prefix of the usual phone number in Plymouth and its surrounding areas. The code is found at the intersections of the Devon and Cornwall region in the South West of the UK.

So, the calls from 01752 area code numbers could be from an individual or business based in Plymouth or its suburbs. Here is the list of the other areas using this code:

Newton Ferrers Roborough Plympton
Devonport Landrake Saltash
Yealmpton Wembury Cornwood
Millbrook Ivybridge Plymouth
Crownhill Holbeton Plymstock
Torpoint St Budeaux Shaugh Prior

The 0755 was the original Plymouth dialing code and then it was changed to 0752. But, during the PhONEday event, the digit ’1’ was added before the trunk number 0 and the 3 digit area code.

Hence, the Plymouth area code was modified to the current 01752 which is then followed by the 6 digits local number.

Part 2: Dialling 01752 Area Code within the UK

If you wish to connect to someone over a call in Plymouth, it is crucial to dial the correct number format. So, when calling from within the local area of Plymouth and its suburbs, you can directly dial the 6 digit phone number XXX XXX.

But, when it comes to calling from outside of the above-mentioned areas, make sure you first enter the Plymouth phone code and then the 6 digit phone number: 01752 XXX XXX.

Moreover, some businesses use dialing code 01752 from outside of Plymouth to promote and increase their local presence in the area.

Part 3: Dialling 01752 Area Code Outside of the UK

If you want to call someone from outside of the UK, it is simple to execute from any phone. You can do so by knowing the right codes and its order to dial. Follow the step by step guide:

  • Dial the international code of your country (generally 00, 0011, 011)
  • Next, enter 44, the UK dialing code
  • Skip the zero and dial 01752, the local area code
  • Lastly, enter the usual local phone number XXX XXX
  • Your final number format will be 00 44 1752 XXX XXX

Part 4: How Much Do 01752 Number Cost to Call?

If you are calling to a Plymouth dialing code, the charges will be similar to your other local area code of the UK. If you are calling from a landline network, Plymouth telephone code costs you up to 10p per minute.

On the other hand, calls to 01752 numbers from mobile networks costs between 10p and 40p per minute. However, the cost depends on the call timings and your network company.

The landline users also need to pay a call set-up fee to the network operator. To reduce your calling cost, you can also use landline free inclusive minutes at certain times of the day or all times.

For mobile, you can get a bundle of minutes for a reduced cost as a top-up credit. While using these packs, no additional fee will be charged.


Hopefully, this article has given a better clarity about Plymouth code. So, now you can trust these numbers and get one for your business in Plymouth. Moreover, you can manage your calling budgets if you are using 01752 for business calls.

Still, got any doubts related to 01752 area codes? You can contact cNumber. The customer executives are here to resolve your queries and help you find the best deal at affordable prices for buying this or other area code numbers.