What Are 03 Numbers?

Ofcom introduced 03 numbers and these numbers are used as an alternative to 08 numbers (chargeable). The 03 number allows companies to have a single national point of contact. However, the logic and benefits are yet confusing for many of us.

Not to worry, going ahead with this article will cover certain basic information about 03 numbers, like what are 03 numbers, what is the cost to call 03 numbers, and what are the benefits of using 03 numbers?

Part 1: What Are 03 Numbers?

The UK based 03 numbers are non-topographical. It simply means that these numbers are not specific to any location. Numbers that start with 03 are similar like any usual landline numbers. 

This format of number can be used by government organizations, different associations, and by any international organizations or business. For instance, if you want to make more leads for your business, or thinking of expanding your business internationally

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you can easily give a shot and try 03 numbers. With the help of 03 numbers, your consumers from all around the globe would be able to reach you without any international call charges. 

Part 2: Are 03 Numbers free to call?

Whether calling on 03 numbers is free or not depends upon your supplier. However, if you are calling 03 numbers from your mobile phone, then yes it will cost you nothing. 

According to the law of the UK government, it is mandatory for all the suppliers to include free calling minutes in mobile phone plans. In case you are calling 03 numbers from a landline, then it will cost you a national rate call according to your activated plan. 

If the service provider has included some free minutes in your landline calling plan, then it will be free. Beyond that, the national call charges will be applied for calling 03 numbers.

 Part 3: What Is the Cost to Call 03 Numbers?

Recently, these 03 numbers are introduced for businesses, private or government organizations, and the service providers. The demand for 03 numbers is increasing day by day. The reason behind it is the low calling cost. 

In case, you are trying to make a call to the 03 number from your mobile or landline, then the call rate depends upon your monthly plan and the service provider. For instance, if you don’t have any active plans or free minutes then you need to pay 10p to 40p per minute. 

These rates are according to the standard national calls. However, it may vary depending upon the service provider. If you are calling a 03 number from any other country, then it will cost you equivalent charges as your national call. 

Similarly, the only thing which you need to keep in mind while calling 03 numbers from outside the UK is that you need to skip the 0 from the number to which you want to make a call. Instead, dial +44 as the national code and then the remaining number. 

Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 03 Numbers?

Organizations or service providers always want to expand. 03 numbers meet those needs of your business without any extra cost. If you want to give your business a global reach, then 03 numbers are the best choice for you. 

Here, we are enlisting some benefits of using 03 numbers. The benefits are: 

  1. Flexible Routing: As the name suggests, flexible routing means that you can connect your calls to any mobile or landline that is easily accessible. 

This feature of 03 numbers, enables you to achieve your target easily. An increased number of answered calls enhances the productivity of your business

2. Easily Accessible: Business those are expanded well to the various geographic locations, should give a sure shot to 03 numbers. To offer different numbers depending upon the location is not good for the reputation of your business. 

However, giving a single contact number to your consumers builds faith in your company and makes it easier for your consumers to remember your number.

  1. Wider Audience: 03 numbers are non-geographic and it gives a wider ratio of the audience to connect with you easily. Providing a separate number for each state or province limits your business reach to the audience. 
  2. Disaster Recuperation: In case of any natural disaster the geographic numbers may become inaccessible. However, 03 non-geographic numbers will help you in diverting your calls to the accessible numbers.

Part 5: FAQs

Q1: Am I going to be charged extra if I approach this number? 

Actually no, not in the least! You won’t be charged extra at any expense. Everything relies upon the tax plan that you have bought in. 

Q2: Are 03 numbers free for O2? 

No, 03 numbers will cost the same as other standard fixed line numbers. 

Q3: What is the main difference between 03 numbers and 08 numbers?

When it comes to a conference call, 08 numbers are a shared cost number whereas 03 numbers are paid for by the host.

Q4: Can organizations utilize this 03 number? 

This prefix number 03 was created with the goal. It was that business firms and different associations can give geo-located numbers to their clients. So, in short, yes the organization or associations can use this number.

Q5: Is it for international calls? 

Yes, 03 numbers can be called from abroad, so customers, international partners can still contact you easily.


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