How Much Does an 0330 Number Cost to Call on EE?

Do you want to know the costs for 0330 numbers EE has to offer its customers? Are you interested in getting a 0330 number for yourself? Keep reading, you will get information about the costs of 0330 numbers on EE and how you can get a 0330 number for yourself.

Part 1: Is 0330 Free to Call on EE?

No, 0330 numbers are not free to call on EE. However, these numbers serve to be a cheaper alternative to the more expensive 08 numbers and are charged at the standard rates the same as that of the ordinary landline numbers with prefixes 01 and 02.

If a user has free minutes included in their contract or provided by their tariff, then these minutes are included for calling 0330 numbers on EE. Therefore, the user can call 0330 numbers without any extra charge.

On the other hand, those who do not have any minutes in their package will have to pay a set rate for making the call to 0330 numbers. This rate is provided in terms of per minute and varies from provider to provider.

Part 2: How Much Do 0330 Numbers Cost to Call on EE?

The cost for making a call to 0330 numbers varies among different network providers, however, these remain in the range of the standard charges implied on local landline numbers with prefixes 01 and 02.

EE offers its users different calling plans to follow. These plans have different offers for their users including free minutes for calling specific numbers, 0330 numbers fall in the category of these numbers.

The main plans that EE offers its users include the Pay Monthly calling plan and the Pay As You Go calling plan. Both these plans have different perks to offer their users.

When using services provided by EE, a user having a contract tariff will enjoy the 0330 calls without any extra charge, as part of the chosen plan. This comes with an exception of the Channel Islands or Isle of the Man.

Calling a 0330 number based in these two locations will have you pay the roaming charges as well. Going beyond the contract allowance results in a charge of 50 pence per minute.

The Pay As You Go plan offered by EE includes a calling charge of 30 pence per minute for 0330 numbers. This rate set by EE is the same as the standard rate for 01 and 02 numbers offered by the provider.

EE has made it easier for its customers by offering yet another package for calling 0330 numbers. This Pack deal involves free calls to the 0330 numbers.

Upon exceeding the pack’s limits for their calls, the customers will have to pay 30 pence per minute for calling the 0330 numbers.

Generally, the 0330 numbers’ costs include up to 9 pence per minute when calling from the landline while the costs range from 3 pence per minute to 55 pence per minute when calling from a mobile.

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Part 3: Can I Call an 0330 Number Outside of the UK?

Yes, international calls can be made on 0330 numbers. Like country-wide calls, EE has to offer different packages and plans for international calls as well. These plans include the Pay monthly plan and Pas As You Go plan.

The costs of calling 0330 numbers from abroad the UK include additional charges, and therefore are higher than the nation-wide calls. These additional charges include roaming charges.

If you are expected to make frequent calls to the UK from abroad, then it is suggested that you invest in a decent roaming package for your phone.

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Part 4: Get Your Own 0330 Number

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Wrapping Up

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