What Type of Companies and Organisations Use 0845 Numbers?

Are you looking for companies and organizations that use 0845 numbers? Do you want to know what the advantages of these numbers are? Do you want to see if 0845 numbers will work for your business needs? Keep reading to know this all.

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Part 1: Organizations and Companies That Use 0845 Number

0845 numbers are the premium-rate business numbers. Many organizations and companies use the 0845 numbers for their services.

The 0845 numbers are generally expensive for callers, as compared to other numbers. This is because the cost to these numbers comprises an access charge.

The use of the 0845 numbers is not restricted to any specific business or company. In fact, any organization or company can use these numbers. Businesses use 0845 numbers as a source of income for them.

This is because calling 0845 numbers costs the customers an access charge. This access charge is basically the fee charged by the organization in exchange for the services they provide.

Generally, organisations providing following services use 0845 numbers:

  • Information providing and support lines
  • Event booking
  • Travel bookings
  • Conference call services
  • Pre-sale information lines

Some famous names that use 0845 numbers include:

  • Nisbet- the catering equipment company
  • Sage- the accounts software company that provides information about its products.
  • Tracker- the vehicle tracking company uses these numbers for pre-sale information.

In addition to the private sector, 0845 numbers find their use in the public sector and voluntary sector too. The examples of this sector include the Salvation Army and NHS in Wales.

NHS use 0845 numbers for dental helplines while the Salvation Army use them for public enquiries.

Part 2: Why Organisations Choose 0845 Numbers?

Organizations choose 0845 numbers for the benefits that they can get out of these numbers. The obvious advantage is the opportunity of making money off calls. This is done through the access charge these organizations charge callers.

0845 numbers are well recognized among the people. Organizations using these numbers earn credibility.

Organizations do not have to pay inbound call charges or charges for incoming calls. This, when added to the fact that organizations earn access charge from callers, results in good money for the organization.

Since the calls to these organizations are not free, it filters out those who are the time-wasters. This helps organizations provide services to those who actually need them.

The maintenance charges for 0845 number lines are considerably lower than the other number lines. Therefore, organizations can save a lot by using these numbers, and this what they do.

0845 are the non-geographic numbers of the UK. These numbers allow the organization to use them while operating in any region of the country. They help the organization disguise their physical location.

Even upon relocation, organizations can keep using the same number. This works well for the customers too. As they do not need to stock up on contact numbers of organizations.

0845 numbers allow the organizations to access the call data of all calls received. They can use it for tracking their marketing campaigns and advertisement. Organizations can also improve their marketing strategies through responses obtained.

Ideal situation for choosing 0845 number

Given the advantages of using 0845 numbers, there are some ideal situations for choosing a 0845 number for your business. In these situations, you can get the maximum benefit of these numbers.

The 0845 numbers are an ideal choice for businesses that operate at a smaller level. If you sell goods at a lower margin, 0845 numbers can be your best shot. 0845 numbers are ideal for those organizations that provide services but can’t afford free-phone numbers.

Another ideal situation is if your business doesn’t have many competitors in the industry. Or if your competitors exist, they do not use 0800 numbers. Moreover, if your probable callers are themselves businesses or use a landline, then 0845 can be a good choice for you.

Part 3: Benefits of Using 0845 Numbers

0845 numbers have many benefits for the organizations using them. Some of these include:

  • 0845 numbers hold to be the 2nd most recognized number line in the UK. This comes after 0800 numbers.
  • The organizations using the 0845 numbers do not have to pay for incoming calls.
  • The cost of calling 0845 numbers is just 3 pence from British Telephone landline.
  • Organizations using 0845 numbers have to pay less for the maintenance of this number line.
  • The charged incoming calls help the organizations filter out calls meant for wasting time. This increases productivity by helping the callers who really need help.
  • The non-geographic 0845 numbers make it easy for organizations to operate from anywhere in the UK.
  • The callers can use the same number to contact organizations even if the organization relocates.
  • Organizations and businesses can track and improve marketing campaigns by tracking the call records.

Part 4: How to Buy 0845 Number for Your Business?

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Wrapping Up

You have read about the organizations that use 0845 numbers. You also saw how can these numbers prove to be beneficial for your organization. Now, you can grab a 0845 cNumber of your choice instantly. It is our suggestion to not wait!