How Much Does an 0330 Number Cost to Call on Virgin?

Introduced in 2007, 0330 numbers are growing favorite among the top preferred cNumber used by businesses and organizations. These numbers provide a cheap alternative to the 0800 numbers. They are non-geographic numbers that most businesses prefer to use.

This article talks about what 0330 number cost on Virgin. The 0330 numbers cost the same as other standard UK landline numbers with 01 or 02 prefixes. They attract more customers from all parts of the UK than the standard landline numbers.

Keep reading this article to know about what 0330 numbers cost Virgin and associated packages, and international rates.

Part 1: Are 0330 Numbers Free on Virgin?

The question arises are 0330 numbers free on Virgin mobile? The answer is simple. The law about the 0330 numbers requires them to be treated and charged the same way as other 01 or 02 landline numbers.

People having free minutes in their contract, don’t have to pay for calling 0330 numbers, making it free for them. However, those having no free or extra minutes with their phone will have to pay for making a call to 0330, with standard charges implied per minute.

Part 2: How Much Do 0330 Numbers Cost to Call on Virgin?

The cost of calling 0330 numbers on Virgin is different for mobiles and landlines. Users can take advantage of different offers and packages that exist. Virgin has different plans like Pay as you go to offer its users.

2.1 Calling 0330 Numbers from Mobile

Generally, calling on the 0330 number from Virgin Mobile costs the user 35p per minute. This is for those users who don’t have bolts on or a tariff with minutes still available with Virgin.

We suggest you look into the tariffs or bolt-on available with Virgin Mobile when buying a 0330 number. This will help you with saving your money and will go a long way if you intend to make many calls.

Because with Virgin, the local numbers (01, 02, and 03) come straight out of the user’s bolt-on or tariff minutes. The Virgin Media has options like Pay Monthly, Sim only packages, and Pay As You Go that makes it easy for users.

2.2 Calling 0330 Numbers from Landline

The 0330 number cost Virgin has to offer is the same as the regular landline. However, if the users keep themselves informed about the charges and offers from Virgin, they can take advantage of it.

If a user’s tariff includes landline calls then it remains included, therefore, the user is not charged for calling 0330 number.

Sometimes offer packages for free calls at a specific time or days are available. The user can call 0330 number during these hours absolutely free. Update yourself to get help in these scenarios.

However, the rates for calling 0330 numbers may vary from provider to provider. It is always a good idea to do your research before buying a number with any provider. Any other provider may charge between 3p to 55p per minute for calling 0330 numbers.

Virgin landline approximately costs the call to 0330 numbers at the peak of 12p per minute. The 0330 numbers cost Virgin mobile an approximated amount of 35p per minute.

Virgin mobile call charges 0330 numbers differently if the user has some offers or bundles with him.

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Part 3: Are 0330 Numbers Free to Call from Abroad on Virgin?

All International calls include additional charges, generally, as compared to the local rates of calling. However, with Virgin, when calling from abroad the user can enjoy lower international call rates, from 10p per minute.

Moreover, calls from abroad include the roaming charges applied to the user. It always remains helpful to roam your phone if you are to make very frequent international calls.

Wrapping Up

0330 numbers are receiving growing attraction with time. Also more businesses and organizations are using these numbers. Virgin mobile users can enjoy calls to 0330 numbers at good rates and opportunities.

With lower international rates and good nationwide packages, Virgin mobile call charges for 0330 numbers suit many users. However, it is our recommendation that you equip yourself with complete information before buying a 0330 number.

You can get a 0330 cNumber as soon as you want and we suggest you to not wait!