01234 Area Code

What does the 01234 area code signify? How can you get a 01234 number without being physically present in the area? 

The answers are in this article.

Area codes are used to identify a number with a certain geographical location. Continue reading this article and know all details of the 01234 area code. 

Part 1: Where Is 01234 Area Code?

The area code 01234 belongs to the Bedford, a historic market and county of Bedfordshire. It is situated in East England. 

Besides Bedford, the area code extends to cover the surrounding areas, such as:

  • Broadford
  • Great Barford
  • Wixams 
  • Olney 
  • Haynes 
  • Turvey 
  • Cranfield 
  • Ravensden 
  • North Crawley 
  • Colmworth 
  • Kempston
  • Cardington 
  • Wilstead 
  • Harrold 
  • Riseley 
  • Lower Shelton
  • Sharnbrook
  • Oakley 

The evolution of 01234 area code

In 1958, when the British landline system was established primarily, it was a common practice to use the first two initials of a place, such as the B and E in Bedford, to associate an area code with it. 

Hence, The mnemonic for Bedford dialing code was BE4 where the digits 2 and 3 correspond to B and E on a rotary phone, respectively. In terms of numerals, the assigned area code was 0234.

After the PhONE Day event in 1995, an extra ‘1’ was added to all area codes. This changed the Bedford area code to 01234.

Part 2: Dialling 01234 Area Code in the UK 

The method of calling the numbers of Bedford county will vary depending on the location of the caller.  

If you are a local of Bedford or the areas surrounding that have the same area code, then you don’t need to enter the area code when you dial a number. Simply enter the six-digit landline number i.e. XXX XXX.

However, if you are residing outside the Bedford area then enter the area code as the prefix before the number. The dialed number will be ‘01234 XXX XXX’. 

Part 3: Dialing 01234 area code outside of the UK

The user in any part of the world can call the Bedford number using the correct format. The first step is to dial the international access code i.e. ‘00’ or  ‘+’. Afterward, add ‘44’ which is the country code for the UK.

Then, drop the zero from the area code and enter the remaining area code followed by the six-digit number. The final number shall look like ‘+44 1234 XXX XXX’. 

Part 4: How Much Do 01234 Numbers Cost to Call?

You can make calls to 01234 numbers at reasonable rates as there are several packages offered by different landlines and telecom operators. These packages include free inclusive minutes or discounted rates for calling a 01234 number. 

Hence, you can choose a package and operator of your choice as per your usage needs. Generally, the rates may lie in between the following mentioned price range:

  • It will cost 10 to 12p per minute if you call during peak hours from landline phones. The peak hours are usually the mornings of a weekday.
  • The charges are 5 to 10p per minute on the weekends or evenings of weekdays.
  • Calls made from mobile to landline are costlier. The call will be charged between 30 to 50p per minute.


The 01234 is the area code of Bedford and the surrounding localities. You need to dial the area code if you are dialing from another city of the UK. 

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