01522 Area Code

Just like each city, it has its own pin code for the area to make it easy for people to access the location. Similarly, in the city of  Lincoln UK and its surrounding area have its own area code for phone numbers. The area code is 01522.

You can dial this Lincoln area code within the territory as well as from abroad. Want to learn more about this 01522 area code? Keep reading.

Part 1: Where Is 01522 Area Code? 

The 01522 number is Lincoln area code, which is available in the East Midlands Regions of the UK.

Other than Lincoln, the 01522 area code also used by other areas, like Spalford, Swinderny, Bassingham, Waddington, Birchwood, Navenby, Scampton, and Washingborough.

The Lincoln 01522 area code primarily was a 3-digit number, i.e. 522. Later on, there was an immediate need for changing the area code. Then, the code was changed to 1522 since 1955. Its format was assigned during the Phone Day event in the UK. 

Part 2: Dialling 01522 Area Code In the UK

The total number of digits for dialling a number is 10. That is a 4-digit area code and the 6-digit local phone number. However, when you are in the Lincoln and its surrounding area, you can dial by just using 6-digit local phone number. 

However, if you are outside of Lincoln and the regions mentioned above, you have to dial the local phone number along with the area code 01522. The dialling format looks like: 01522 XXX XXX

Part 3: Dialling 01522 Area Code from Abroad

People can connect someone of Lincoln from any place in the world by using the 01522 area code. Hence, you can easily dial using the following steps:

Step 1: By dialling the international access code. (i.e. 00 or +)

Step 2: Putting the country code of the UK, (i.e. 0044)

Step 3: Then dial the local area code of Lincoln 1522 without the first zero.  (i.e. 0044 1522)

Step 4: At last, enter the 6-digit local phone number  (i.e. 0144-1522-XXX-XXX)

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01522 Number

These numbers are extremely helpful for a business organization, individual, or people working from home for Lincoln. It is also useful for foreign-based companies, to create an impression amongst its users. 

The dialling code of 01522 is extremely popular code as well as a recognized one that creates a sense of safety and security. Many people buy these numbers and use it for their business purposes.

However, these are premium numbers, which have local or national rates. Generally, the cost of calling in 01522 premium number from a landline number is 13-16 paise per minute. Some companies also charge as high as 23 paise per minute.

On the other hand, the cost of dialling from a mobile phone number is between 3-55 paise per minute. 

Some companies charge as high as 65 paise per minute. Although the call cost varies, and for some areas, they are even toll-free numbers. This is a premium number, which automatically generates revenue for the companies. 

The 01522 area code number is officially managed by the Ofcom and as well as the per-call charging rates are fixed by them.


The 01522 area code is in huge demand also due to the fact that it is one of the most commonly used area codes, which is easily accessible as well. Also, these numbers contribute to adding brand value and a source of a reputation for business organizations. 

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