What Are 0845 Numbers? (2020 Updated)

In this online era, people do a video call or drop a voice message. Yet, many companies and organizations are using 0845 numbers. Why?

What is this number? Is this area code or just a number?

Well, this article will help you to get a clear insight into what is an 0845 number.

Part 1: What Are 0845 Numbers?

First of all, let’s light into the history of 845. On 16 April 1995, the national PhONEday had some significant changes made in the telephone dialing plan in the United Kingdom.

The changes saw some renumbering of certain numbers. And during this phase, 0845 numbers were introduced to make a non-geographical call just like local contact.

At that time the 845 was the most debatable topic for the House of Commons and some Members of Parliament. With the advanced usage of the phone, costs of 0845 have become a debatable subject for many.

Now, let’s proceed with the brief introduction of the 0845 number.

The 0845 is a non-geographical service number. These premium rates numbers used for an information phone line and customer services. 0845 is the most commonly used number than 01 and 02 in the UK.

Although, 0845 numbers charges from these numbers are higher than the prices of the local call.

The call charges are considered as cost per minute and also divided into two parts: Access Charges and Service Charges. These costs vary from business to business and organization to organization.

Now, you must be curious to know the basic charges of calls to 0845 numbers. Here you can find the charges of 0845 calls:

  • Calling 0845 numbers from a landline will cost between 8-60p per minute and if you call from a mobile phone then charges will be between 45-65p per minute.
  • In both cases, the service charges will be 7p per call.

Part 2: Facts about 0845 numbers

  • The 0845 code was introduced as a local rate number in 1996.
  • In 2001, the dialing codes 0645 and 0345 were shut down and diverted to 0845.
  • After 2015 the dual-rate system of the access fee and service charge of 0845 was followed.
  • These changes were made due to some scams of using 0845 and suspicious consumer use.

Part 3: Who Is the User of 0845 Numbers in the UK?

0845 is used for many reasons. Many companies buy 0845 numbers as a helpline to serve their services information accurately and quickly to their customers.

Most probably, 845 is used by public sectors in the UK but it is also not limited to the private sectors.

As 0845 is the UK trusted number, using this number for businesses may help organizations to represent their services nationally with the impression of a UK-wide organization.

So, 0845 is widely used in industries, like mainly travel or ticket, event planning, information industry, marketing, Pre-sales customer support, and conference call services.

Part 4: What’s the Benefit of Using 0845 Numbers?

There are a bunch of benefits listed here:

  • The use of this number will give your business national identity.
  • Make you present in competition with large organizations.
  • Amongst all NGNs, 845 is the cheapest number.
  • Enable you for different marketing campaigns.
  • Immediate account set up for the 0845 facilities.
  • Quick number activation and re-routing available.
  • You can choose your memorable 0845.
  • Not trackable or re-printable in business stationery.
  • Wherever you relocate your office, you can use the same number.
  • You can have advanced forwarding facilities as per your packages.

Part 5: FAQs

1. Are 0845 Numbers Free to Call?

No. This number is regulated by Ofcom. Therefore the cost depends on service providers.  Moreover, the charges vary with your operators (Mobile/Landline) and your service packages.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers on Vodafone?

Typically, the access costs for mobile to call 0845 number is 44p-62p per minute and service cost per-call charge of up to 7p. The same way the landline access cost will be 55p per minute and service call charges will be the same as mobile.

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3. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers on EE?

EE access charge differs from your selected plan. Still, you can consider the price between 11p and 50p per minute.

Especially, if you are using EE broadband then you need to pay 11p per minute. Furthermore, EE mobile customers have to pay 50p to 57p per minute to call 0845.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers on Three?

Three mobile has a very simple cost to call package. Their access charges range between 45p to 52p per minute and service charges are 7p per call.

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5. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers on O2?

Cost to call from O2 will charge you 55p to 62p per minute as an access cost and 7p per call as a service cost.

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Wrapping Up

This article carries a deep analysis of 0845 numbers. As you can see the companies in the United Kingdom are using 0845 not because it is NGN but the use of 0845 helps their businesses to represent as authorized businesses.

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