What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0330 Numbers?

Are you interested in knowing what type of organisations and companies have 0330 numbers as their contact numbers? Do you want to see if 0330 numbers will suit your business or organisation?

Keep reading to know the benefits of 0330 numbers and companies that are already using these numbers. cNumber makes it easier and simple for you with a lot of services provided to improve your experience.

Part 1: Organisations and Companies That Use 0330 Numbers

0330 numbers are the non-geographic numbers of the UK which many organisations and companies have been using since their introduction in 2007.

The numbers have increased their usage recently, becoming the favorites among many companies due to their benefits.

0330 numbers serve as a cheap alternative to 0880 numbers and different businesses use them for different reasons. The common uses include providing primary customer services.

Being non-geographic in nature, businesses and organisations that want their business to be known all across the country prefer using 0330 numbers. 

This makes it easier for their customers to contact them from anywhere without any location restriction or imposed charges.

The government bodies, charitable and non-profit organisations mostly prefer using 0330 numbers. Organisations operating in different regions of the country like to provide one contact number to their users i.e. 0330 numbers.

Registered Charities and the Public/Government sector use 0330 numbers. In fact, any independent company that wishes can use them. These numbers find their use with group partnerships or independent organisations, not by a single firm or individual.

Part 2: Why Organisations Choose 0330 Numbers?

The 0330 numbers have huge benefits for both organisations as well as customers. This is why these numbers gain immense preference from various organisations and businesses.

The companies using these non-geographic numbers can set-up their operation in any region of the country. The organisations can place their call centers wherever they feel comfortable and can use the same number everywhere.

Eliminating this physical location restriction for organisation also provides for improved customer reach-out. Since the organisation has only one number for contact, users can call it from any region of the country.

Single contact number from organisations works well for customers as well. Because they do not need to stock up on the contact numbers for specific organisations. 

Or in case an organisation relocates, customers can still contact on one same number instead of having to search for a new one.

The cost of calls to 0330 numbers is not more than standard charges. Moreover, if someone has free-minutes in their contract those are included, allowing the user to pay nothing for the call. This works out well for both organisations and users.

Traditionally organisations used 08 numbers which were expensive for users to call. Hence, the customers hesitated to contact organisations for the high call charges. But with 0330 numbers, the call cost little or nothing, from mobile and landlines both.

The low call costs encourage the customers to reach the organisations for their queries, customer care service, complaints, and feedback. Hence improving their experience at the organisation and keeping them linked for longer.

The use of numbers with no extra charges for an organisation improves the impression of the organisation among the customers.

Moreover, a higher number of customer calls and feedback increases the PR of the organization. This also ensures that the company satisfies the already existing customers. They put their trust in them and are here to stay longer.

More feedback from people helps organisations improve in their businesses making them better in their job.

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Part 3: Is 0330 an Area Code?

No, 0330 number is not an area code. The 0330 numbers are non-geographic dialing code. Unlike standard area codes e.g. 0121, 0161, the 0330 numbers are not associated with any specific region of the UK.

The 0330 numbers are also known as the local call equivalent. Since they are charged at the same rates as the standard charges of local numbers with prefixes 01 and 02.

The 0330 numbers allow the users to make voice calls as well as send data (fax). Organisations have a collection of numbers to pick from, they like to pick the one that is easy to memorize.

Part 4: What Do I Need to Know about 0330 Numbers?

Like mentioned before 0330 numbers are special type non-geographic landline numbers, that are charged at the same rate as the local numbers. And if your tariff includes free minutes, you can use them to call 0330 numbers without paying a pence.

4.1: Where Are 0330 Numbers Used?

A wide range of companies use 0330 numbers for themselves, especially, large organisations that have a big setup. This is because 0330 numbers are used for services like customer care, providing information, and receiving complaints/feedback from locals.

Some famous names of the companies using the 0330 numbers include Argos and Admiral Car Insurance. At Argos, you can avail car breakdown cover customer service with RAC. While at Admiral you can call customer helpline at the same charges as of an ordinary call.

When you think about it, the standard call rates for helpline services are really beneficial. Since the call duration can increase while connecting the caller with the concerned person, meanwhile call charges keep increasing.

4.2: Find Out More About 0330 Number

Apparently there are no drawbacks of using 0330 numbers themselves. However, it is always wise to stay aware of the security with the 0330 numbers. 

This is, in fact, true for all non-geographic numbers that they are easy to use for fraudulent and scams. Therefore it is suggested to watch out for yourself.

There is a large number of scam artists and fraud companies that can establish a 0330 number of their own. This makes it easy for them to take money and information from innocent people. 

The greater application of 0330 numbers in organisations has enabled a large number of scammers to get these numbers setup. There have been many reported cases of such frauds, therefore it is recommended to be careful.

Wrapping Up

You have read about the type of organisations that use 0330 numbers. Also you got to know what potential benefits exist with these numbers. Now, you can decide for yourself if you want a 0330 cNumber or not.

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