What Are 0203 Numbers? (2020 Updated)

Are you looking for information about 0203 numbers? Do you want to know what organizations use 0203 numbers? Are you interested in availing of the benefits these numbers provide? Keep reading you will get answers to all these questions.

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Part 1: All You Need to Know About 0203 Numbers

0203 numbers are basically the geographic area code numbers of the UK. The government has allocated the 020 number line to London city, which is the business hub of the UK.

Ofcom introduced 0203 numbers in 2005 by just adding a figure 3 to the existing area code 020 for London.

Initially, the distribution of these numbers was scarce but with time these numbers have become business numbers. Many homes and private persons also use these numbers.

0203 numbers expanded the phone numbers in use by 50%. There is a specific pattern to represent these numbers. This pattern is like 020 3*** **** where 020 indicates the London area.

0203 numbers fall in the category of normal landline numbers. This is the reason why their calling costs are the standard rates. These costs are lower as compared to other lines like 08. A user making call to 0203 numbers is generally aware of the final billing price.

For dialing from outside London, the area code is must be entered. However, when dialing from inside London it is optional.

Part 2: Who Uses 0203 Numbers?

Businesses and organizations operating in the London area prefer to use 0203 numbers. However, some of the organizations located outside of London also use these numbers. The majority of 0203 numbers belong to authentic businesses.

Although, scammers can also take benefit of these area codes and use them for frauds. They make use of different phone numbers and display fake numbers. It is our suggestion that you respond to calls that you believe are authentic.

Ofcom introduced 0203 numbers in 2005, this implies that new businesses can only use them. However, some phone companies have stock of other 020 numbers which new businesses can get if they feel like.

Not only businesses use 0203 numbers but also individuals use them for personal purposes. This also includes standard household phone lines. Some famous organizations that use 0203 numbers include:

  • BBC
  • Bank of England
  • Metro Bank
  • University of Westminster
  • Guardian and Observer newspapers
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Travelodge
  • TUI Holidays
  • University College London Hospitals
  • Transport for London

Part 3: Why Choose a 0203 Number for Your Business?

0203 numbers are growing choice of new businesses to use. Especially if they want their marketplace to reach the locals in the London area. This is because 0203 numbers offer good benefits to organizations using them. That is why many reputable organizations use them.

The central location of 0203 numbers, worldwide recognition, and easy availability are their main points that attract users.

One of the obvious benefits of the 0203 numbers is that they are associated with the business hub of London. So any business using these numbers enjoys a good repute to be operating in the business center of the UK.

0203 numbers offer an affordable pricing range for customers. This encourages users to make calls if they have any queries or feedback. Businesses, therefore, establish a good relationship with their customers due to higher interaction.

Organizations solve their customers’ problems and answer their questions which increases customers’ trust in them. Affordable costs also allow users to make calls easily without worrying about big bills. Organizations purchasing 0203 number lines can do so at favorable rates.

You can handle multiple calls with these numbers at a time. As a result of this, no customer call is returned unanswered, hence encouraging customers more to call.

You can increase the marketplace for your business or organization by using the local area code. In case you want to establish a virtual business then getting a 0203 number can be your best shot.

This is because this number is associated with London city therefore your business gets recognized.

Your business or organization can look more professional and authentic by using a 0203 number. Statistics back this up that organizations using a landline number as their means of communication are considered more serious.

Moreover, choosing a 0203 number for your organization can help you track your advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 0203 Numbers?

0203 numbers have many benefits for their users, these include:

  • 0203 numbers have affordable charges which make them suitable for business use as well as personal use. Users can call free of charge if they have free minutes included by a tariff.
  • Businesses can expand their marketplace using the local area code of 0203 numbers.
  • You can handle multiple calls with these numbers. This improves the relationship with customers.
  • Businesses using 0203 numbers enjoy good repute among people.

Part 5: FAQ

Q1: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0203 Number on Vodafone?

The standard rate of calling 0203 numbers on Vodafone is 55p per minute. This rate is for users who do not have free minutes.

Q2: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0203 Number on O2?

The standard rate of calling 0203 numbers on O2 is 30p per minute added to the 30p access fee.

Q3: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0203 Number on EE?

The standard rate of calling 0203 numbers on EE is 30p per minute added to the 44p access fee.

Q4: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0203 Number on Three?

The standard rate of calling 0203 numbers on Three depends on the calling plan chosen. For Pay As You Go plan it is 3p per minute. While for Advanced and Essential Plan it is 35p per minute.

Q5: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0203 Number on BT?

The standard rate of calling 0203 numbers on BT is 11.3p per minute added to the 3.3p set-up fee.

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Wrapping Up

After knowing about 0203 numbers and their potential benefits, you can decide to get one for yourself. If the 0203 numbers work for you, you can get a 0203 number of your choice at cNumber instantly. Don’t wait, get started today!