What Are 0871 Numbers?

People are not sure if they should call 0871 numbers. They often question the validity of these numbers. Whether it is a decent appeal or an immoral one, a call from 0871 numbers can be a dubious one.

But, don’t worry this article will clear all your doubts and will provide you with all the important information about 0871 numbers.

Let’s first understand:

Part 1: What Are 0871 Numbers?

The 0871 numbers are very common UK based telecom codes. They are non-geographic so they are not linked to any location and charged at premium rates. Hence, they are a popular way of making money through a phone number.

The owner of phone numbers has the authority to set the rates to call their 0871 number. Therefore, they vary from number to number. The phone number owner is responsible to inform the caller about the call cost.

Moving forward, let’s dig into what types of companies are allowed to use these numbers.

Part 2: Type of Companies & Organisations to Use 0871 Numbers

Because of its potential to make money, some of the most common companies use these numbers are:

  • Support lines and paid information providers
  • Travel and events ticket booking services
  • Fortune teller, horoscopes, tarot lines
  • Adult chats and dating lines
  • Pre-sales information connection
  • Conference calls
  • Adult entertainment

The post-sales customer service lines of any company can no longer use 0871 numbers. Moreover, whether you are calling from a mobile phone or landline, you are supposed to pay premium charges to make a call at 0871 numbers.

If these companies are making money from every call, how would they attract callers? Also, why would a company set these numbers?

Let’s get these answers from :

Part 3: Benefits of Using 0871 Numbers

There are several benefits of using 0871 numbers. Some of them are:

Generating Rebates

These numbers generate rebates. The owner of the phone number generates rebates on every received call which can amount up to 8p/m.

So, they earn a premium rebate for their premium services that they are providing. These rebates get credited every month directly to their provided bank account.

Attracting More Calls

These numbers help to attract more calls. As these numbers are not linked with any precise location in the UK, it is easy for companies and individuals to generate new business from outside their primary locality all over the UK.

This provides companies to tap a broader market and gain more profits.

Generating More Revenue

The companies generate more revenue from 0871 numbers. The caller to these numbers is paying national rates which becomes a source of income for companies like dating service providers and conference calls.

Now that you have better clarity about what 0871 numbers are, who uses them and why. Here are a few more common questions that arise in people’s minds when dialing an 0871 number.

Part 4: FAQs

1. Are 0871 numbers free to call?

As you read above, these are not free numbers. They are from one of the most expensive sets of UK’s dialing codes.

So, unless somebody else is paying your bills or you are super rich or you need to call these numbers, you should certainly avoid calling 0871 numbers. Moreover, these numbers are not even included in any of your free minute’s bundle packs.

2. What Area Code Is 0871 Number?

The 0871 numbers are non-geographic hence they are not linked with any particular region or area across the UK.

3. Why Are 0871 Numbers So Expensive?

These numbers are supposed to be expensive as it is a source to generate revenue for the owner of 0871 number.

So, whenever you call these numbers from a mobile or landline connection, you are paying a premium amount which is higher than usual for the premium service provided.

These numbers are mostly used for entertainment and paid information purposes. Moreover, the call cost can go up to 41p/m which includes a service charge for the services delivered to you.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0871 Numbers on Vodafone?

If you are calling 0871 numbers from your Vodafone network, you pay a minimum of 24p/m for a landline. The mobile phone charges are 20p/m and 41p/m is for pay-as-you-go users. Moreover, the cost varies from different phone number owners.

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5. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0871 Numbers on BT?

If you are calling 0871 numbers from your BT network, you pay 9p/m-16p/m for BT Unlimited weekend costs.

Wrapping Up

If you are calling 0871 numbers, you are paying a premium charge for the services received by the owner of the phone number. Another thing is they are mostly used for entertainment purposes which means these are supposed to belong to calls.

So, be careful while calling these numbers. Moreover, if you are calling these numbers, choose your network wisely as mobile rates are higher than the landlines ones.

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