How Much Do 0330 Numbers Cost to Call?

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0330 numbers are the non-geographic numbers of the UK and are charged at the same rate as the local rate when calling from the United Kingdom. There has been a recent increase in the use of 0330 numbers by several organizations, mainly owing to their affordable costs.

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Part 1: Who Uses 0330 Numbers?

Introduced by Ofcom, 0330 numbers serve as being an alternative to the 08 numbers at much affordable cost. Being a non-geographic number these numbers are mainly used by organizations that prefer a national presence of their business.

The 0330 numbers are used most popularly by government bodies, non-profit and charitable organizations.

Companies having their branches or offices at different parts of the country prefer using 0330 numbers because of the flexibility of having one central number which isn’t restricted by location.

The 0330 numbers are classified into two categories:

  • Those 0330 numbers that are used by Registered Charities and Government/Public sector.
  • Those 0330 numbers that can be used by any company.

The 0330 numbers are used by business organizations to provide their users with a single communication service, irrespective of their location as well as eliminating any levied charge posed on international calls. This increases customer satisfaction towards the business.

These numbers make customer care services, complaints section, and feedback from customers convenient, hence improving the relations between customers and the organizations.

0330 numbers are basically for independent organizations or group partnerships and not for single firms or individuals. The toll-free number from organizations encourage the customers to approach the businesses.

Part 2: Are Calls to 0330 Numbers Free?

No, the calls to 0330 numbers are not free. However, they are charged at the same rates as the local numbers and those of the 01 and 02 number rates. The 0330 numbers can be called without any extra charge levied on your normal phone rates.

The users having free minutes in their contract do not have to pay for the calls on 0330 numbers. Although, those who do not have any free minutes will have to pay for the standard rates.

The general 0330 numbers call charges from mobile range from 3 pence per minute to 35 pence per minute, and those from landline range from 9 pence per minute to 12 pence per minute. These costs of 0330 numbers depend on the network providers’ set rates.

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Part 3: What Is the Cost of Calling 0330 Numbers?

The answer to the question that what is the 0330 numbers call cost depends on multiple factors including the network provider chosen by one as well as the method and payment plan selected for each provider.

Ofcom remains in charge of regulating the costs of 0330 numbers as well as the charges that the service providers have set for these numbers. The call charges for 0330 numbers differ from mobile and landline.

3.1: Calling 0330 Numbers from Mobile

One of the main reasons for having a 0330 number for yourself is the affordable cost that the numbers have. The standard charges applied at 0330 numbers are the same as those of any local number with prefixes 01 and 02.

However, the cost of calling these numbers varies from provider to provider. The table presented next lists down some of the famous network providers along with their rates for calling 0330 numbers from a mobile.

The important thing to note is that for 0330 numbers, all of the providers have minutes’ allowance for users. Therefore, someone having free minutes in their contract can call these numbers free of cost.

Network Provider Inside contracted landline minutes allowance Outside contracted landline minutes allowance
EE Free 30p per minute
Lyca Mobile Free 15p per minute
ASDA Mobile Free 8p per minute
Tesco Mobile Free 25p per minute
Delight Mobile Free 3p per minute
GiffGaff Free 10p per minute
O2 Free 35p per minute
Lebara Mobile Free 19p per minute
Virgin Mobile Free 26p per minute
Three Mobile Free 3p per minute
Vodafone Free 30p per minute

3.2: Calling 0330 Numbers from Landline

Again, the 0330 business numbers benefit users in such a way that if their landline tariff has a set quota of free minutes or includes calls to landline telephone numbers, then the 0330 numbers will be included in that hence the user can enjoy these numbers free of cost.

Emerged as a cheaper alternative to 0800 free phone numbers, the 0330 numbers are not completely the same as those. However, they appear to be a free phone because of them being included in the free minutes.

The table presented next lists the 0330 call charges from landlines of famous providers at the peak hours.

Network Provider Peak cost (approximated)
Sky 9.5p per minute
BT 12p per minute + 21p as setup charge
Virgin Media 12p per minute
TalkTalk 13.5p per minute

3.3: Calling 0330 Numbers from Abroad

Calling internationally at the 0330 numbers has some 0330 numbers accepting these calls from outside the United Kingdom.

For dialing a 0330 number from abroad, it is required to add a country dialing code before the number, the code is +44, and then omitting the first zero.

The cost of calling from abroad on the 0330 numbers is the same as that for any other UK landline. However, this charge is highly dependent on the choice of the provider by the user.

Part 4: How to Get an 0330 Number?

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Wrapping Up

Knowing about the costs of 0330 numbers, various network providers providing call assistance to these numbers, and how you can get your own 0330 number, let’s get started towards your business.

It is suggested to grab a 0330 number of your choice as soon as possible from cNumber.