What Types of Companies And Organizations Use 0870 Numbers?

Is your business reliant on the extreme usage of telephonic communication? Have you ever wondered if you could generate some revenue from all back and forth communication with your clients?

If you are running a similar business, you have come to the right place!

In this post, we will tell you how you can make your telephonic communications smooth, reliable, and profitable. Get a 0870 number for your business and enjoy the numerous benefits offered by this peculiar number series.

Read further to know what types of companies and organizations use 0870 numbers. We will also discuss the advantages of using these numbers for your customer-oriented communication. In the end, we will tell you how you can get the 0870 number for your business.

Part 1: Organisations and Companies That Use 0870 Numbers

A lot of businesses out there who have telephones as their main way of conducting their businesses are using the 0870 numbers. The organizations using the 0870 numbers include a wide variety of businesses include:

  • Telemarketers: These organizations make online sales using telephonic communication. Their whole business model is based around two-way telephonic communications.
  • Customer support and helplines: These are the hotlines that are available to the customers of a service provider round the clock. These helplines offer telephonic assistance.
  • Telephonic entertainment business: These include entertainment hotlines and miscellaneous telephone lines that offer dating services, tarot card readings, etc.

These numbers are now regulated by the government authorities. The businesses that the government deems the right to use these numbers, still have free access to them. For example, customer services post-sales are prohibited from using these numbers.

Part 2: Why Organisations Use 0870 Numbers?

The 0870 numbers are used to provide uninterrupted telephonic assistance to the customers. These numbers are non-geographical numbers and not limited to any specific locality. This has further implications on the cost-effectiveness of the 0870 numbers.

These numbers actually cost the consumer for the services being provided. This invariably means the cost of the calls to the 0870 numbers is set-up by the owner of the numbers or the number provider.

Hence, these numbers are used as a source of revenue streams as well by the businesses. Some widely associated advantages with these numbers are as follows:

  • Easier to maintain the number when businesses relocate.
  • These numbers allow you to forward calls to any device placed virtually anywhere on the globe.
  • These numbers are reliable and readily accessible.
  • The usage of 0870 numbers will show maturity in your business sense.

Part 3: How to Buy 0870 Numbers for Your Business?

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Wrapping Up

The 0870 numbers should be your go-to numbers in case you are setting up a hotline service for yourself. These are non-geographic numbers that provide revenue streams for the business owners.

The best way to get a 0870 number for yourself, is to contact cNumber, a virtual number provider that offers you the best packages with the most value, at comparatively cheaper rates.