What Are 0870 Numbers?

In the fast-paced and modern world of today, the need for reliable, speedy, and efficient communication has become the absolute need of the hour.

The business community has widely switched to the 0870 numbers to meet their communication needs with the customers. Moreover, it allows the business to generate revenue as they provide services to their customers.

In this article, we are going to explain the 0870 numbers and which businesses utilize these numbers. We will also discuss how you can get a 0870 number for your business. In the end, we will take a quick look at the few most frequently asked questions.

Part 1: What Are 0870 Numbers?

0870 are non-geographical numbers in the UK used by businesses of different types for the telecommunication between the general public and the service providers that rely heavily upon the usage of landline and telephone services.

The numbers are usually 0870 numbers provide businesses the capability to stay connected with their customers through a hotline. Moreover, businesses can make revenue streams out of these numbers by costing the additional charges for the call to the consumers.

The numbers have huge advantages for the business communities and business providers such as:

    • Take your number with you if you physically move your business from a locality
    • Forward your calls to your current landline, portable or anyplace in the world
    • Provide a reliable contact number to your customers so they can easily reach you from outside of the UK.
  • Look more mature and professional in your business approach with an 0870 non-geographic number.

It is crucial to notice that the 0870 numbers are not confined to a special geographical location in the UK. Therefore, the rates applied to these numbers are often very specific and set by either the number provider or the business entity owning the number.

Part 2: Who Do 0870 Numbers offer?

The various service providers who offer 0870 numbers include the following:

Customer care services

The 0870 numbers have been greatly popular among the customer service sectors of various local as well as international companies. The amenities provided by these numbers have been very important and fruitful for the companies owning these numbers.

The surcharges being a cost to the customers on behalf of the companies have been a very attractive incentive for the companies to rely more and more on these numbers.

Furthermore, even the waiting period of the customer goes on to cost the customer and invariably adds to the revenue stream of the company.

Booking services

The companies that are usually involved in the booking of various services also use these numbers to conduct their business. It gives the customers a gentle nudge towards making their calls productive and to the point. Moreover, it also allows them to earn extra revenue as well.

The most avid users of the numbers of these types obviously include the businesses of various sorts that offer entertainment through the phone.

These include all different types of hotlines, that may be offering the listeners various options such as listening to songs, tarot card reading, adult content-based hotlines and even dating hotlines.

These numbers are tailored to fit the needs of these hotlines in the sense that they earn a lot more by using these numbers. The more traffic they generate and the longer the people stay in call, the more revenue they could be generating.

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Part 3: How Can I Get My 0870 Numbers?

You can get your 0870 Number by contacting cNumber. We are one of the best providers of virtual numbers for your homes and business needs, all across the UK.

cNumber provides specialized services that set it apart from its competitors. With top-end professionals to handle your telephonic needs, we also bring top-notch customer service to the table. Our virtual numbers provision services are superlative in the market.

We offer the best rates in the market, for your virtual numbers. The prices are comparatively cheap without any compromise on the quality of the service.

Following are some reasons to choose us as your service providers:

  • We offer the best services at reasonable prices for your virtual numbers in the UK.
  • Our customer care is unparalleled and we’ll help you each step along the way in setting up your number.
  • We have the best baseline costs so that you get the best possible deal and revenue stream from your number.
  • We are also very keen on answering your queries regarding the usage and provision of these numbers.
  • We provide round the clock technical support to our customers and are very keen on maintaining stable connections for our customers.

Part 4: FAQS

  1. What are the main features of these numbers?

These are non-geographical numbers. This means that even if the company relocates to another region, the cost of calling these numbers will not change.

The customer pays for calling these numbers. These extra charges add to the revenue stream of the service provider that is using these numbers.

  1. Are these numbers easily accessible?

Yes, these numbers are easily and reliably accessible from both national and international regions.

  1. Can we redirect the calls received on 0870 number?

Yes, the calls received on 0870 numbers can be forwarded to any landline or mobile number.

  1. Are the numbers such as 08701, 02, and respectively with other suffixes, different from each other?

No, all the numbers with the prefix “0870” have the same features of cost and placement. The numbers preceding this prefix are used to differentiate one number from another.

  1. What are the government restrictions on the use of these numbers?

Since 2015, the government has outlawed these numbers for some specific parties. These numbers can not be used by companies for providing customer service if they offer post-sales customer support.

Moreover, the service providers are required to disclose the rates of these numbers to the general public accessing these numbers.

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Wrapping Up

In this post, we have discussed 0870 numbers in detail. 0870 numbers are non-geographical numbers that are used by businesses in the UK to get access to its customers regardless of the regional boundaries. We have seen the numerous benefits offered by 0870 numbers.

You can get an 0870 number for your business from cNumber. cNumber is the top-rated vendor for providing the best rates, unparalleled services and professional customer support services to its customers.