What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0800 Numbers?

Are you looking for organisations and companies that use 0800 numbers? Do you want to know what the benefits of using these numbers are? Are you looking for a 0800 number for your business? Keep reading to know all the details.

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Part 1: Organisations and Companies That Use 0800 Numbers

0800 numbers are the free-phone numbers of the UK. The organisations that use 0800 numbers have to pay for the cost of the calls instead of the caller.

Mostly organisations that solely aim to help callers through their services, instead of making money through calls, use these numbers.

Any business, organisation, or individual can get a 0800 number from their network provider.

The organisations providing information services, customer support and helplines, events and travel booking services, charity helplines, and the like use 0800 numbers.

Business customer service and sales:

0800 numbers are the best choice for businesses irrespective of their scale of operation. Since 0800 are free-phone numbers, they attract a greater number of calls from users, for complaints and feedback. This helps organisations and businesses improve.

0800 numbers make the businesses appear as a national entity. Businesses offering customer service of all forms and providing pre-sales information use 0800 numbers.

Charity helplines:

The purpose of charities is to help the people around them. That is the reason why charity helplines have 0800 numbers as their primary contact. This allows callers to get information without any charge.

0800 numbers are also easy to remember. Childline and the national children’s helpline use these 0800 numbers.

Free information services:

Just like businesses, free information services help the organisation gather more customers. Using 0800 numbers helps organisations provide information free of call charges. Tesco uses 0800 numbers and holds to be the first supermarket to do so.

Part 2: Why Organisations Choose 0800 Numbers?

Organisations use 0800 numbers for the benefits that these numbers provide not only to them but also to the callers. The free-phone numbers encourage the callers to call these organisations and businesses for their queries and feedback.

With other numbers, where the caller has to pay for the cost of the call, either people don’t call. Or try to get off the call unsatisfied. This doesn’t remain useful to the caller or the organisation.

Free-phone numbers, on the other hand, allow the callers to stay on call until satisfied.

This doesn’t only work well for the caller, but the organisation also enjoys good repute. Better calling experience of callers results in good feedback for the organisation.

The fact that organisations pay for the calls that callers make earns the organisation or business trust from customers. This earns a positive reputation for businesses.

The organisations can improve themselves in their performance by acting on the feedback received. Moreover, the public relations of the organisations get better through increased contact with customers.

Organisations also prefer using 0800 numbers due to their non-geographic nature. It enables them to operate from anywhere in the UK by using the same contact number.

0800 numbers help organisations and businesses to have a national presence rather than restricting to a specific location.

Organisations do not need to get a new number upon relocation. In fact, they can locate their offices wherever they want. This also benefits the customers as they do not have to stock up on many numbers for one organisation.

Free-phone numbers enable the organisations to provide non-stop service to the customers. The organisations can keep track of their marketing campaigns and advertisement through call records. This helps them improve marketing strategies too.

Part 3: What Are the Benefits of Using 0800 Numbers?

There are many benefits of using 0800 numbers, some are listed next.

  • 0800 numbers are well-recognized through the UK.
  • 0800 numbers bring the organisations trust from customers.
  • Being non-geographic numbers 0800 allows the organisation to advertise nationally. They can also operate nationwide.
  • 0800 numbers are free to call for the customers. This encourages them to call the organisation for their queries and feedback. This results in a better customer-organisation relationship.
  • 0800 numbers allow organisations to monitor and improve their marketing campaigns. This results in increased productivity of the organisations and businesses.
  • The 0800 numbers remain valid to use for as long as an organisation wants. Even upon relocation, organisations can keep using the same number.
  • 0800 numbers are easy to remember for customers.

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Part 4: How Can One Buy 0800 Numbers for Their Company?

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Part 5: How are Organisations Charged for 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are free for the callers, however, the organisations that use these numbers rent it from a network provider.

These monthly rents vary from provider to provider. Some providers may charge lesser monthly rent for 0800 numbers while charging high rates for redirecting calls to your number. While some providers may have higher monthly rent but lower redirecting costs.

Another factor affecting the charges of 0800 numbers is their memorability. A memorable 0800 number cost more than an ordinary 0800 number.

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Wrapping up

After knowing about the organisations that use 0800 numbers you might find it useful for your business too. This reading has given a thorough insight into the benefits of 0800 numbers.

You have also read about the way of charging organisations for using 0800 numbers. You can get your own 0800 cNumber of your choice as soon as possible.