What Are 020 Numbers? (2020 Updated)

Are you looking for details about the 020 numbers? Do you want to know the areas of the UK which are allotted the area code 020? Are you interested in getting a 020 number for your business?

Keep reading, you will get to know all that you need to know about 020 numbers. cNumber makes it easy for you to get a 020 number.

Part 1: All You Need to Know about 020 Numbers

020 numbers are the geographic area codes of the UK which are associated with the London city, the business hub of the United Kingdom.

This area code does not follow the Greater London boundary, rather many areas lying outside Greater London also use 020 numbers.

Similarly, some outer parts of London use different area codes than the 020 numbers. Introduced in April 2000, the 020 numbers were allocated to the bigger area of London city and issued in the form of distinct batches. This area code is followed by an 8-digit number.

These numbers fall in the category of normal landline numbers, and that is why their calling costs are the same as those of the standard costs to other landline numbers. Hence, someone calling these numbers will be aware of their billing before making the call.

The low calling costs of 020 telephone numbers prove beneficial for both the callers and organizations. The callers know how much their bill will be and organizations get to have more customer interaction.

Unlike normal London numbers, numbers with prefixes 020 0 and 020 1 cannot be dialed without the use of area code. These numbers are written in a specific format where space is given between the area code and the 8-digit number like 020 **** ****.

Part 2: Is 020 an Area Code?

Yes, the number 020 is used as an area code for the business hub of the UK, that is, the London city. Not only this, but the 020 number is also allotted as an area code to regions surrounding the London city.

Only a few of these areas of greater London as well as other areas that use 020 number code are listed next:

Abbey wood Acton Addington
Aldgate Aldwych Alperton
Archway Arkley Arnos Grove
Barbican Barking Barkingside
Barnsbury Battersea Bayswater
Becontree Heath Becontree Beddington
Bellingham Belmont Belsize Park
Berrylands Bethnal Green Bexley
Blackfen Blackfriars Blackheath

An important fact about these area codes is that an area code indicates a specific area, however, it is not compulsory that the holder of an area code actual lives in that area or is present in that area.

This means that businesses operating outside of London and its suburbs can still utilize the 020 numbers. It is suggested to be sure before answering a call from such numbers, to avoid scams. A credible organization will contact you through other means like emails as well.

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Part 3: Are 020 Numbers Free to Call?

No, the numbers beginning with 020 are not free to call. Although these numbers are charged at the standard rates of a normal landline, they are not absolutely free.

However, if someone has free minutes in their contract or provided by the tariff, then those minutes are included and calls can be made free of cost.

Generally, the cost of 020 numbers includes an access charge which is then added to the standard rate provided by the network provider. That is why the costs of calling 020 numbers vary from provider to provider.

A call set up or connection fee is also charged by the network providers. Although there is a generally accepted rate for this connection fee still it can vary among the network providers.

The other factors that determine the cost of calling 020 numbers include day and time of call, landline or mobile, and duration of the call.

Calls from landline generally have these numbers included in the caller’s call packages as free. Some providers do not charge the call if the duration is less than 1 hour.

The idea in this scenario is that if your call is expected to be longer than 60 minutes, you can cut-off at 59 minutes and dial back.

Some costs for 020 numbers from famous network providers include:

  • EE charges its customers 30p added to a 40p access fee if calling from Pay as you go mobile. The rate is 12.5p added to a 20p connection fee when calling from the landline.
  • O2 pay and go package costs 30p per minute added to a one-off access fee of 30 pence.
  • Vodafone charges its customers 30p as connection fee added to 30p per minute when calling from pay as you go handset, while the charges are 11.5p per minute added to 19p access charge when calling from the landline.

Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 020 Numbers?

The benefits of using 020 numbers include:

  • The low calling rates of the 020 numbers attract a vast number of customers to call organizations. It remains feasible for the users to call at these numbers, moreover, they can use the free minutes included in the contract as well.
  • Using 020 number opens up a whole new marketplace for businesses where the locals of an area are the main targeted customers.
  • Organizations can handle multiple calls with 020 numbers. No caller hears an engaged tone and no call is left unanswered.
  • The incoming calls on the 020 numbers instantly get redirected to your existing number.
  • 020 numbers of UK represent the business hub London city, this means that a business having this number as a primary contact increases its PR and reputation, and gives a more professional look.
  • The 020 numbers are easily memorable.
  • You can use 020 numbers for your business and control it from somewhere else, that is, it is not mandatory for you to be in London to use the the London area codes. Even upon relocation, you can keep using the same number.

Part 5: Who Uses 020 Numbers?

The organizations and businesses that operate in the business hub of the UK, the London city, generally prefer using the 020 numbers. The attractive call prices for these numbers make them favorable among all.

Some businesses operating outside London and its outskirts also use the 020 numbers.

Part 6: Why Choose an 020 Number for Your Business?

Choosing 020 numbers for your business holds several benefits which can result in better productivity of the business. Some of these are discussed next.

The affordable calling costs of 020 numbers attract more customer calls in response to any query, complaint, or feedback.

Higher customer interaction results in not only solving the problems of customers or noting down their complaints, but it also results in better relationships between business and customers.

By acting on the feedback provided by a greater number of customers, businesses improve in their performance. The customers are able to clear any doubts that they might have in their minds regarding the businesses, eventually increasing their trust in the organization.

You can handle multiple calls with 020 numbers, this means that no customer hears an engaged tone and doesn’t call back out of disappointment, rather every customer is being answered by the business representatives.

The use of a local area code and that of the business hub of the UK increases the potential marketplace of business. The use of national code expands the business market to even the local level of citizens looking for local services.

This results in enhanced PR of the business, which you can even control by not being in that area physically.

The memorable 020 numbers make customers more comfortable in approaching an organization. Also, the statistics prove that businesses having a landline number as their contact number seem more professional, trustworthy, and serious in their business.

You can also track your business’ advertisement and marketing campaign by keeping a track of all 020 number calls received.

Part 7: Switching to 020 Numbers

Switching to a 020 number and switching a 020 number on a new line are made convenient for you. If you want to have a 020 number you can use it with your existing phone number.

Whenever a customer calls a 020 number, their calls get redirected to your existing number automatically and instantly.

Similarly, if you move your business company’s premises, you can use the same 020 number with the new number, where calls get redirected to the new number instantly. This does not require any hard paperwork.

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Wrapping Up

Knowing about the 020 numbers and their benefits, you can get a 020 number for your business if you feel like it. You can get 020 cNumber as soon as you want and also can avail of the amazing services provided by the cNumber. Let’s not wait!