What Are 0113 Numbers? (2020 Updated)

Are you looking for information about 0113 numbers? Do you want to know what area is the 0113 number associated with and how much do 0113 numbers cost? Keep reading you will get to know everything about the 0113 numbers including their benefits.

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Part 1: All You Need to Know about 0113 Numbers

0113 numbers are the geographic numbers of the UK. This means that they are associated with a specific location in the UK, which is Leeds in Yorkshire.

Ofcom introduced the 0113 virtual numbers and allocated them in every UK 0113 location.  However, they are hosted in the cloud rather than being pointed directly at a BT telephone line.

These 0113 numbers fall in the category of normal landline numbers, therefore, the call charges are also the standard rates. 

This serves well for both users and organizations. Since the customers know beforehand what their bill is likely to be at the end of the call. While organizations get enough customer interaction.

The 0113 numbers are represented in a specific format which is important to follow. This pattern makes it easier for the number to be memorized. This format includes the code to be placed in this way with the number: 0113 *** ****.

Part 2: Is 0113 an Area Code?

Yes, being a geographic number of the UK, 0113 number serves to be an area code for Leeds, Yorkshire.

However, the 0113 phone code also covers many areas lying in the suburbs of Leeds including many towns and villages. These areas are listed in the table given next.

Adel Armley Thorner Rothwell
Crossgates Morley Harehills Leeds
Horsforth Hunslet Arthington Seacroft
Barwick-in-Elmet Pudsey Chapeltown Headingley
Moortown Harewood Drighlington Rawdon and Garforth

This area code for Leeds and respective suburbs was changed during the decisions taken on 16th April 1995. Before that, the area code associated with the Leeds and neighboring areas was 013.

Keep in mind that an area code is an authentic indicator of an area. However, there is a chance that someone gets a virtual area code while being in a different area. Therefore, it is our recommendation to be certain before answering calls from such area codes.

Currently, the 0113 phone code operates in several destinations throughout West Yorkshire. 

If you are not confident whether the area code for your region is 0113 or not, don’t worry. You can always contact cNumber which will guide you through your problem and enable you to get one for yourself.

Part 3: Who Uses 0113 Numbers?

The affordable call rates of 0113 numbers make these numbers a growing favorite among organizations or businesses. This is specifically for those located in the area for which the code works.

Mostly individuals or businesses located in Leeds city or one of the suburbs of the city use 0113 numbers. In fact, some businesses tend to have the number for a specific area code while operating somewhere else.

This is called a virtual business number. This may be due to the better cost options that make it suitable for both customers and businesses.

Part 4: Why Choose an 0113 Number for Your Business?

There are many good reasons that make the 0113 numbers the best choice for your business. Some of these reasons include:

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the feasibility of a number for a business is the associated costs. 

The 0113 numbers cost lies in a perfectly affordable range for customers to make calls. Good pricing is good for both customers and businesses. Affordable call costs encourage your customers to make calls whenever having any inquiries, complaints, or feedback. 

This doesn’t only improve the performance of the organizations by working on feedback but also improves their relationship with customers.

Customers when knowing that the business acts on complaints/feedback, and helps out with their inquiry, puts more trust in them.

A 0113 number for your business allows you to handle multiple calls at once. 

This results in your customers being answered always, and the callers never get to hear an engaged tone. Therefore, no important call is missed by your business.

The 0113 numbers presented in a pattern that makes them memorable works for a good advertisement for your business. Having a 0113 number for your business will have customers memorized the number and hence an improved PR for you.

Having a landline number as your business’ advertisement number makes you look more professional. Statistics prove this that the customer class considers businesses having a landline phone number for advertisement more trustworthy.

Therefore, having a 0113 number for your business not only makes you look good but it also attracts more customers.

Having a specific area code works for attracting new customers from that area. You can target new customers looking for services in the areas of Leeds or Yorkshire through 0113 phone code.

By using the area code of Leeds, you can grow your business in Leeds while not being actually in Leeds. This is how it works: by getting multiple local phone numbers in an area you can target local customers who are looking for local services.

This means that you move your market from a nationwide level to a ground level of smaller segments of people. This results in an increased customer rush towards your business, ultimately improving productivity.

You can also track your advertising and marketing campaign success by tracking the calls made to the new 0113 numbers. Get your own 0113 number from cNumber today to start on the road of success.

Part 5: Are 0113 Numbers Free to Call?

No, the 0113 numbers are not free to call. However, typically the call charges to 0113 are the lowest one can get, except the free-phone numbers. 

Like standard numbers, if someone has free minutes from their network provider they can use them to call 0113 numbers. This is done without any extra charge. 

The cost of calling a 0113 number consists of an access charge added to a per-minute rate. The network provider offers this rate. 

It is possible that you might have to pay for a call setup fee which ranges from 15p to 20p. You can know about this fee from your network provider.

The typical costs of 0113 numbers include:

  • 10 pence to 12 pence per minute from landline during peak hours in the day time.
  • 5 pence to 10 pence per minute from landline during off-peak hours in the evening or at weekends.
  • 30 pence to 50 pence per minute from a mobile.

A table presented next lists call costs for 0113 numbers from two famous network providers.

Provider Landline (per minute) Mobile (per minute)
EE 12.5p added an access charge of 20p 30p added an access fee of 44p (PAYG)
Vodafone 11.5p added an access charge of 19p 30p added an access fee of 30p (PAYG)

*PAYG = Pay As You Go calling plan

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Part 6: What Are the Benefits of Using 0113 Numbers?

The benefits of using 0113 numbers can be summarized as follows:

  • These numbers offer affordable calling charges, with minutes included if provided by the tariff. Hence they are suitable for a vast number of customers.
  • The 0113 numbers are indicative of the Leeds and its suburbs, allowing businesses to grow their markets at local levels.
  • These numbers allow multiple calls to be handled at once such that no call goes unanswered.
  • Following a pattern, 0113 numbers are easy to memorize. They improve the advertisement for a company.
  • You can virtually control your business in Leeds while not being in Leeds.
  • Having these numbers in business advertisement gives a professional look to the business and improves their marketing.

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Wrapping Up

By this time, we hope that you know about the 0113 numbers of the UK, their associated costs, and benefits. You can decide for yourself whenever you want a 0113 cNumber of your own. You can get as many 0113 numbers as you want at cNumber. Do not wait!