All You Need to Know about 0345 Area Code

Since the introduction of 0345 numbers in 2007, their popularity has increased by leaps and bounds.

Yet we have seen wide gaps in people’s knowledge about them. Some people are unclear about their charging methodology, some about their application. Others don’t understand how they work.

In this article, cNumber has put together all such commonly asked questions and tried to clarify our readers’ doubts.

As a businessman you might be wondering whether or not to purchase a 345 line. You will find all your answers in the upcoming sections.

Part 1: 0345 Numbers – All You Need to Know

If you are curious about why they are so popular, you should first understand what’s so distinguishable about them.

First and foremost, let’s talk about money. 0345 numbers, just like other number prefixes, are bound by the Ofcom’s rules and regulations. For those who don’t know, Ofcom or the Office of Communications is the country’s telecom regulator.

In fact, the call charges are the same for all the numbers beginning from 03. It does not matter if it is 0345, 0370, 0300, 0330, 0333 or 0330.

Let’s see charges from a landline. Most of the landline operators allow their customers to make free calls during specific times of the day or the week. For example, you might not have to pay for landline calls between 7 pm to 7 am or on Saturdays and Sundays etc.

Whatever the exact offer may be, are you enrolled in a free plan? Are you calling within those times? If so, then 0345 calls will come free to you.

Charges from a mobile: Almost all telecom companies offer inclusive minutes plan to their users. Calls to any of the 01, 02, or 03 prefix numbers first come out of these bundled minutes. Hence, they may effectively be free of cost for you.

Exhausted this free minute allowance or if you are using other Pay as You Go plans? Then calls to 0345 numbers will be chargeable at the same rates as to local landline numbers. We have seen that the rate per minute varies between 3 pence to 55 pence.

If you are looking for the exact call rate applicable to you, you should contact your telecom operator or check out your plan contract.

Alternatively, you can also check out cNumber’s website. The organisation has undertaken a detailed study of 0345 call charges by different operators and prepared quick guides for you.

The second distinctive fact about 0345 numbers is their non-geographic nature. Check out the next section for a better understanding.

Part 2: Is 0345 an Area Code?

No, there is no such thing as a 0345 area code. It is simply one of the many number ranges.

0345 is a non-geographic UK-wide landline number, which means it is not restricted to any location in the country. This makes it much different from the geographic numbers like 01 and 02.

So when a person receives a call from a 02 line, he immediately connects that it must be a London-based company.

Using a non-geographic nation-wide number where your business location stays anonymous offers several advantages. We’ve enlisted some of them here:

  • National image: Customers tend to get impressed with the national footprint of your company. This also enhances your brand value in their eyes.
  • Wider targetable customer base: Non-geographic numbers allow you to attract business from all nooks and corners of the country. This is in contrast to geographic numbers where you are binding yourself to a particular region. You thus have fewer target consumers.
  • Number retention even if you relocate: Even if you switch offices to other corners of the country, you can retain your number. Thus there is no unnecessary hassle of having to inform your clients, change your marketing and communication material, etc.

Part 3: Background of 0345 Numbers

In particular, 0345 numbers offer a good substitute to 0845 numbers (only one digit is different). Let us see why.

Call costs to 0845 numbers are considerably more expensive. Consumers have to pay twin charges. This made them unpopular with consumers.

Most of the time, users have inclusive minutes or free local calls allowed on their packages. So, the cost is not a concern when dialing a 0345 number.

In terms of cost, 0345 offers advantages not just to the consumers but also to the number owners. The company appears more approachable and trustworthy and any consumer will prefer to call it over a competitor company that is using a business number like 0845.

In recent times, we saw many organisations migrating from 0845 line to a 0345 line. Tesco’s store is one popular name that pops to mind.

Many public institutions also shifted to 0345 numbers. This is because people raised voices against having to pay large bills for government services which profiteered from their calls.

Protestors believed that it should be easy and affordable to contact public departments for basic services.

Ofcom also passed a regulation in 2015 that prohibited any company from using service numbers like 0845 for after-sales customer service lines. This was another trigger which increased 345 numbers’ use.

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Part 4: How Do 0345 Numbers Work?

0345 number is a type of virtual number. Thus it enjoys all the advantages associated with virtual numbers. For example, there is no requirement of additional hardware resources while setting up your 345 line.

First and foremost, you would need to choose a desired 0345 number for your business. As per your requirements, you can pick a normal one or a special one with specific digit patterns that make it memorable for your customers.

Next, you assess your feature requirements and choose a pack that suits your needs. Typically people choose services like periodic reports of all call statistics and intelligent routing of calls.

The 0345 number can be attached to your existing landline or mobile. Calls to 0345 numbers can be easily routed to any mobile or landline, anywhere in the world.

Part 5: Get Your Own 0345 Numbers

Local-rated call charges and non-geographical nature are two important factors that make the 345 range extremely popular. If you also wish to purchase a 0345 number for your business, cNumber assures you that it is a good investment decision.

There are several telecom companies out there that offer 0345 numbers. cNumber also has an extensive collection of all number ranges, including those with 0345 prefix.

Our range is the preferred choice of many people because of its low-cost affordable nature. We understand that every business is unique and its needs are different.

Therefore we have put together multiple plan options with varying combinations of features and services for you to choose from.

Using such services is a great way to expand your business. You get a versatile number with which you can handle business operations and address customer queries. Also, the cost is typically low which means it is also very affordable.

The numbers are immensely popular considering the factors that have been listed in this article.

If you are a business considering phone options, look no further than this number to scale your business. You’ll be surprised with the immense value this number brings to your organisation.

Moreover, cNumber presents some incredible opportunities that are not available with our competitors. Our service and rates being just some of these.

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Wrapping Up

0345 numbers are a recent phenomenon and enjoy a great reputation. There is no 0345 area code, they can be used anywhere in the country without giving away your location.

From the consumers’ point of view, calls to 0345 numbers are equivalent to calls to local numbers like 01 or 02.

Thus many businesses have either migrated to 345 lines or are considering making this switch.

If you are any of those, we hope this article has taken you closer to a decision. cNumber has also put together several guides to answer your other questions related to 0345 numbers. Check out the website and clear away all your pending doubts.

For our business clients, the company also offers a host of telephone numbers (comprehensive range of prefixes). There are add-on services at attractive low-cost prices.