01727 Area Code

Are you not able to get in touch with someone in St Alban over the phone? Are you wondering why you need to add the 01727 area code every time you call someone in St Albans? 

This article will provide these answers and clear all your doubts related to the 01727 code. Also, you would learn amazing tips on minimizing your call cost.

So, let’s start with the locations where this code is used. 

Part 1: Where Is 01727 Area Code?

The 01727 phone code is used for telecom purposes in St Albans. While making the call, the code is then followed by a 6 digit phone number. It is situated in the county of Hertfordshire of the UK

Moreover, you can find 01727 area code in the following area: 

St Albans


Park Street

Colney Heath

But, how did this code come into use in St Albans? Let’s find out: 

Previously, 3 digit code 0727 was used as the St Albans area code. The code was then modified to 4 digit code to increase the supply of the new phone numbers. The digit 1 was added between the trunk number zero and the area code 727. 

It was acknowledged as 1727 during the PhONEday event in 1995. This led to an augmented supply of the new phone numbers. 

Part 2: Dialling 01727 Area Code within the UK

If you are calling a person/business in St Albans from outside of the local area, make sure you dial the correct area code. The 01727 dial code is followed by the phone number of the person you are calling to. 

Hence, the final number format will be 01727 XXX XXX. However, you don’t need to use the code while calling from inside of the local area. Simply, dial the 6 digit phone number XXX XXX. 

Besides, many BT area code connections are used locally but some businesses operate area code 01727 numbers from outside of the local area. They do so to spread awareness of the business or help the customer in a particular region

Part 3: Dialling 01727 Area Code Outside of the UK

Yes, you can call in St Albans from abroad using any phone connection. If you have no clue how to do that, here is a guide for you to turn the usual number into international dial-in code. 

Firstly, dial the international prefix of your country. Remember, this code is different for different countries. So, if you are calling from the US or Canada, it is 011. Next, add up the UK country code i.e. +44 followed by the area code 1727 and skip the number zero. 

Then, dial the usual number of the person/business to make your number an international number for St Albans. The final arrangement will look like 011 44 1727 XXX XXX. 

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01727 Number?

If you are calling to 01727 phone area, the charges are similar to other area codes of the UK. The landline calls will cost you up to 10p per minute and mobiles network rates range between 10p and 40p per minute. 

But, if you wish to know the exact rates, contact your network provider because the cost mainly depends on the call package that you are using, the telecom company, and the time of calling. 


Now that you know everything about the 01727 area code, next time you won’t feel hesitant to answer the call. You now know where the call is coming from and how to dial and what all things to keep in mind. 

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