01786 Area Code

If you are planning to settle your business in Stirling or already have one, you should certainly shift your communication strategy to the 01786 area code. It will open new opportunities and help you promote your business locally. 

However, it is advisable to gain basic knowledge about this area code before jumping to the conclusion of buying it. And, this article will help you with the same. 

So, let’s get started by understanding their locations. 

Part 1: Where Is 01786 Area Code?

This 4 digits geographical code (1786) is used in Stirling for telecommunication. So, before dialing the actual local phone number, the caller needs to dial 01786. 

Besides, the 01786 area code is based in the following areas: 

  • Dunblane
  • Bannockburn
  • Stirling
  • Kippen
  • Braco
  • Gargunnock
  • Bridge of Allan
  • Thornhill
  • Doune

Moving forward, how did 01786 was chosen for the Stirling area code? 

Originally, the area code was 0786. But, looking at the increasing demand of the new subscribers, the code needed some modification. So, during the PhONEday event in 1995, the digit ‘1’ was added between the trunk prefix 0 and the previous area code. 

The Stirling country code for the UK became 01786. It brought up the new supply of phone numbers for the increasing demand. It is currently used and is mandatory to dial. 

Part 2: Dialling 01786 Area Code within the UK

Mostly, 01786 area code is used in the local area but some businesses use them from outside of the above-mentioned areas i.e. they are not physically present there.

They do so to increase the local presence in Stirling and smoothen the communication channel between business and customersWhen calling from outside of the local area, it is mandatory to dial the area code to get your call connected.

The final number configuration will look like: 01786 XXX XXX. But, if you are calling within the local area, there is no need to use the code; just dial the usual phone number. 

Part 3: Dialling 01786 Area Code Outside of the UK

If you are making calls from abroad, dialing the usual phone will not work. You need to do simple modifications and make the number an international dial-in number. Follow the given steps to get the accurate number to dial: 

  • Firstly, enter the international code of your country (E.g. telephone code for Australia from the UK is 0011)
  • Dial the UK country code (44)
  • Next, dial the Stirling area code without the trunk number zero (1786)
  • Lastly, enter the phone number of the person/business 
  • Your telephone number arrangement will be 0011 44 1786 XXX XXX. 

Part 4: The Cost of Calling 01786 Numbers

The cost of dialing the Stirling area code is similar to other local 01 and 02 area codes of the UK. Furthermore, you can use free inclusive minutes or a bundle pack, to reduce the cost of calling 01786 area code. 

After the pack gets exhausted, the landline connection will charge you up to 10 p per minute and mobile connections are typically charged between 10p and 40p per minute.

However, the landline users need to pay a small call set-up fee and call cost varies from the time of day.


Now that you know what is country code for the UK and how 01786 area code is used, it will be easy for you to decide whether to invest in this number or not.

Further, for businesses, this will help them to connect with their customers closely and build trust and loyalty

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